Huel Bars First Try


I just tried the bars for the first time. I really like them, taste is subtle enough whereas other brands have been sickly sweet and artificial tasting. The texture is great, a little dry I would say though but its manageable. Price is acceptable although I wouldnt mind a cut so I could buy plenty lol :slight_smile:

Overall very happy. Great product!


do you find them filling enough for a meal replacement?


No, I wouldn’t say so. Now, I’m 185 cm/109kg so 250 kcal won’t do me as a meal, two works, but it does work as an in-between meal, post-workout or just a snack. I still want/hope for a 400-500 kcal bar to be released at some point as it would suit me much better in terms of a meal replacement rather than a snack.

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