Marathon powered by Huel - #getfithappy

So the weekend is behind me as are 26.2miles, 7 hours 19 minutes of struggle and no fewer than 3 bags of quick release carb sweets. As I begin the process of recovery and getting back into my regime of winter gym training I have a new weapon in my arsenal… our old friend huel.

I am struggling to work out how I powered through the distance in such a strong time for a marathon newbie and I can only say imagine that the difference between expectation and reality was the nutrition and energy Huel provides… I found myself craving a lot of salty goodness after the walk but kept a huel shake in the fridge ready for my return home and along with a fried breakfast at a diner that (during which a drunkard questioned why 6 people had medals and shouted to all and sundry that “if everyone gets a medal its pointless”) was finished off in about 2 minutes flat i was well stocked with fuel for the recovery phase of the weekend…

I then got a little gift… from the postman of all people. He decided it wasnt worth waiting for me to reach the door and drove back to the depot with my parcel… thus affording me the benefit of a 2 mile roundtrip walk to collect my flavour sachets and granola… All delicious by the way… keep your eyes peeled for granola bar huel recipes and other tasty offerings in my new posts coming soon.

So I made the journey, limping slightly, and collected my order. This in turn got my blood pumping and worked the muscles again which actually felt quite nice by the end… though the scent of deep heat lingered along the road as I passed…

Huel definitely got me through the weekend and my first long distance walk… what have you managed to achieve since starting it? let me know in the comments


Congrats on the marathon.

I have just purchased Huel and awaiting my first batch. Looking forward to the journey.

Interesting to hear how you got on, congrats on completing it.

I’m planning on some long distance events next year and hoping Huel will see me through.

Its a great supplement when youre taste buds get round the initial flavour… or you can throw in a few things to dress it up a little if you have time/desire :slight_smile:

honey and frozen fruits are leading heros but the flavour sachets/pouches are a real must too :slight_smile: good luck

@VixK Yeah the combo of proper nutrition and a little pre event yoga helped massively… also pick up some foot glide and a good pair of trainers form your local specialist store… they are the essentials outside the world of huel. :slight_smile:


thankyou @RebeccaOfficialHuel