Weekend Marathon Preview - Feeling Huelfit #getfithappy

So I’ve just hit the 10 day mark on huel and a few thigns have come up in that time which id like to put out there for the group: newbies take note and seasoned huelveterans any similar stories?

Noticeable changes after 10 days:

More energy, better skin, less tiredness, sleeping better, strong desire to get back to the gym after a summer hiatus, no cold or flu though theres plenty going around and my partner has noticed an upswign in my mood and energy.

BUT: I have basically become a Huel rep to my social circle… its impossible to discuss the benefits and improvements without seeming that im trying to sell them a bag or two. Which I am… wI want that refer a friend voucher as much as the rest of you.

So Huel Warriors and Shake champions… What’s next?

This weekend I’m walking a marathon for cancer research and as a personnal challenge: you can get details on where to donate at shine walk cancer online. I never thought id have the drive and energy but with Huel in my arsenal i’m quietly confident:) see you all on the other side: watch this space for an update.

I’ve also ordered those flavour sachets i mentioned before in toffee and mint chocolate… plus 1 box of granola which I intend to make granola bars with and maybe a huel banoffee pie base dressed with huel flavour powder and a scoop of huel mixed into the low fat cream topping… who knows. Wanna see that recipe? let me know!!!

You can follow my marathon updates on instagram at waistcoatwanderer if you like.

ciao for now