Hiking with Huel? (Huelking?)

Hi guys!

Me and two friends will spend about a month this summer hiking through the Swedish mountains doing volunteer work for a research project on Arctic Foxes.
After a couple of weeks trialing different food solutions I’ve found myself in love with Huel. (No, I don’t think it’s delicious, but it’s edible enough =) I don’t like the bars or the granola.

Now I’m looking for some advice whilst completing my nutrition plan:

  1. Can anybody share any tips or tricks I can use to make my hike even more pleasant?
  2. Can anybody give me a strong reason to not leave my stove (and gas canisters) behind?
  3. Just how bad is using “normal” sugar instead of Stevia or Sucralose?

My planned food setup:

  • 500 g Huel U/U, divided into 4 servings (2000 kcal)
  • 1 flap jack (372 kcal/serving (80g))
  • Water I find and filter

I’ll be on a shortage of calories, (hiking 10-20 km/day in rough terrain with a heavy pack) but given that I’m slightly overweight, I welcome the weight loss.

Taste variators:

  • Salt
  • Citric acid
  • Instant coffee
  • MSG

Huel Flavour boosts (these are the ones that I like, esp the banana)

  • Banana
  • Mocha
  • Chocolate mint
  • 2-3 aroma essences. I didn’t really like Myprotein Flavdrops that people here swear by, or N!CKs that are available in Sweden. Too sweet and artificial for me. I’m waiting for a delivery of various aromas from Flavour Art.

I’ll also pop into this place for some consultancy. Partly because I think they can help me, but also because it looks like such a lovely place!

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I suspect you would be at a very large calorie deficit doing that much activity on 2500KCal, so you might need to adjust that to stay healthy. It all depends on your size and BMR.

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Thanks @Gregwhates!
I do agree to some extent, but then at the same time my total pack weight is also going to affect my level of healthiness. :wink:

I’m sitting at 173 cm/82 kg, a BMI of 27 and around 24% body fat so I have resources to pull from. :wink: I’ll play around some with adding small amounts of olive/coconut oil to some meals to up the calory count some. I did a similar trek last year on around 1500 kcal/day, managed to get the job done but was completely exhausted when the three weeks were over. (9 days of rain and then another 7 days of scorching sun and mosquitos didn’t help…)

Do you have any tips on a sustainable way to up the calory intake whilst minimizing pack weight and volume?