Huel + fruit

I add fruit and soya milk to Huel. I’m not sure I could just use huel alone but need to lose one more stone so it’s huel with fruit for breakfast and lunch followed by a sensible meal. This last stone is getting me down so hoping this along with exercise works. Any advice would be appreciated.

Sounds good to me. Perhaps only have fruit and soya milk with one of the Huel meals? Instead add a teaspoon of coffee to the other Huel meal (which is what I do and I enjoy it), or try the Flavour Systems, which are only around 6kcals per serving and add a different flavour to Huel.

Each Huel + Fruit + Soya milk is probably around 500-600kcals. If you’re having two of those a day, plus a “sensible” meal, you’re potentially close to a maintenance level of calories. Eliminating the fruit and soya from one of those Huels will drop the calories another 100-150kcals.

Thanks for that. I’ll just have the one with fruit. I didn’t realise it would that high in calories. I am only adding one scoop of Huel!

Ah okay. 1 scoop is only around 150kcals, so you’ll be fine. Just stick at it. Good luck.


I have recently started Huel for steady weight loss, knowing that I’ll be getting what my body requires.
I’ve discovered adding 3-4 average size strawberries (as treat) to 2 scoop mix of Huel works well (very filling!!!).
I do like the vanilla one on its own, but find leaving overnight to chill and adding ice & coffee is a nice touch for breakfast.

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I’ll try add I g coffee to my morning huel.

Huel for weight loss is great, but you definitely still have to count the calories. I add sugar-free cocoa for an indulgence that adds no real extra calories :slight_smile: The last stone is hard, I’ve been there a couple of times (and currently doing it again now), good luck!

I’m determined to lose a stop e in June. Tough going the final part.

Hey Linda, apologies for unsolicited advice, please just ignore if you’re doing your own thing and happy with progress. I just wanted to say that, having dieted a lot over the last 7 years (19st down to 12st (both unhealthy, no real muscle), and now getting back down to 13st, but with a lot more muscle): even when I’m really going for it I couldn’t lose a stone in a month without feeling awful. If you’re dieting hard and eating really clean you should be aiming for 2lbs a week, or a stone in two months, and that would still be really impressive if it’s your last stone to lose. This is not to put you off - if you lose two pounds a week you’ll look “better” (leaner) every week until you hit your goal, you definitely see progress at that rate, but you also are far less likely to bounce back afterwards. My current aim is to go from 14st-13st by the end of July starting now (I’ve gone from 14st 7lbs to 14st in May) and when I get there I want to then hold that weight for a month or two, eating just a little bit more than I am now, stopping my body eating itself and just settling into being that new weight. Then, as my diet relaxes a little and I start to eat a bit more to put on more muscle while I’m training then I’m far less likely to put on fat and lose all the hard work. For reference: I’m using Huel for 500 kcal twice a day at the moment, then 500kcal of other food and burning 500kcal in the gym everyday alternating cardio and weights (i.e. average of 1500kcal (net) a day at 6’3").

Absolutely no offence taken. Your right in what you say. I lost a couple stone last year slowly but kept it off.
I do go the gym but due to shift changes at work I’ve not been for a couple of weeks but now starting from tomorrow it’s huel and gym again.
It’s not just about losing weight it’s about feeling healthy too.
I’m sure we can both achieve our goals. I just needed a bit of a lick up the backside to get motivated again.
Thank you for the sound and sensible advice.
Let me know how you get on. :blush:

Hi Linda,
Are you using the unflavoured or Vanilla?
I have also lost over a stone using Huel but my weight recently plateaued. I use vanilla with a shot of espresso and a small amount of cocoa powder.
I was on 80-85 grams but have recently upped the breakfast one to 95 grams of Huel as I was feeling hungry. I seem to have dropped another few pounds in the last 2 weeks by increasing the Huel and dropping the cocoa powder. Maybe try upping the Huel and dropping the added milk?
I went away recently and managed the vanilla quite happily with no added flavour. I have never tried unflavoured but believe this definitely needs added flavour.
Good luck.

I always buy the vanilla. The weight is comming off but very slowly. Managed to get back to the gym a few times this week.