What the F*ck happened?

So for as long as I can remember I’ve been a 25-year old who lives a life of partying and rock ‘n’ roll, not having to worry about food or nutrition because everything just kinda works out and at 6’3, I’m tall enough to pull it off.

However, I woke up this morning as an 18-stone 32 year old Manager for a Tech company with one and a half year old twins to boot (they’re cute though so I’ll keep them).

Where did my controlled physique and ability to party three days straight go? I plan on taking my first three days off of parental responsibilities for a festival later this year and I want to really bloody enjoy it, have bags of energy and maybe catch a few eyes whilst I’m there!

My current life:

Breakfast: Pure bloody nonsense. Either nothing at all or mountainous bowl of Frosties or Crunchy Nut (Frosties for w*nkers). Maybe toast at the weekends
Lunch: Ridiculously extravagant nonsense due to subsidised canteen (full roast or gammon and chips for £2.50 anyone)?
Dinner: Takeaway/Toast/More Cereal
Snack: Either more cereal or whatever I can find in the cupboards that requires no effort

I’ve pulled my bike out of the ancient tomb in which it was due to be buried for all time and started biking around 10-12 miles a day as my commute.

Help rebuild me, does Huel represent an option here?


@flakjack I get it. For five years or so, I was 23, didn’t get hangovers, was super fun and had energy for everything. Then, all of a sudden, I woke up aged 30 and everything had started sagging.

Looking at what you currently eat, I definitely think Huel would be a step up the nutritional ladder! Try it out for a few bags’ worth and see how your energy levels are after 2 weeks. If you phase it in gradually and start having a vegetable or two in between Huels, you will most likely gain back energy and drive, and start to see all the health benefits of a nutritionally balanced diet.

Got to be worth a shot, right?!! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve got 10 years on you and I’m still 25 :joy: and, for what it’s worth, still rocking the 3 day festivals AND taking my Huel! These days with a 14 year old, which kind of ruins the whole I’m still 25 thing. Just got back from a festival last weekend where I carried on substituting breakfast and lunch with Huel and it worked brilliantly. I have so much more energy, feel more awake, more alert, less lethargic, tired and sluggish. You should DEFINITELY give it a try.

Oh, and £2.50? Ours is 75p, for 2 courses! The only way I cope is to avoid avoid avoid!

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I admire you, do you work out as well as using Huel?

Work out as in go to the gym, no, single parent duties plus full time job make that difficult. Instead I do a brisk half hour walk in my lunch hour during the week (management desk job so I wasn’t getting any exercise at all before), then swim and much longer walks and workout using a mini trampoline at home when I have more time on friday/saturday/sunday

Don’t let that party life go if you’re heart is not ready Tom.

Looking at your diet you can make some simple changes that will hopefully make a big difference.

Try upping your protein intake which will make biking easier and help with satiety.

If you want Huel for lunch and price is a factor it will actually be cheaper at around £1.45 a meal, so there’s lunch sorted.

You can also check out some of these articles which may help with your rebuilding project: https://uk.huel.com/pages/information-articles

Give it a few months and you’ll be saying what the f*ck happened for all the right reasons.


Does a management desk job burn less calories than a normal desk job? :open_mouth:


probably less :rofl:


It’s not fair how life seems to suddenly do this to us all. My husband and I starting buying Huel when we decided to get back into shape about a month ago after the third child arrived 5 months ago. We were chatting yesterday about how much better we both feel. I think it’s the ease and knowing we’re getting a good meal without having to find the time to do it. A couple of bags (even on my mat leave pay!) isn’t a massive cost to try and see if it suits you. We work out 30 minutes a day most days (at home, with three kids 5 and under who has time to go to an actual gym??) and Huel has been a massive boost for us this past month.


Huel Update 1:

I started Huel the day after my first question and for the first time in my life I feel like I’ve got nutritional control and direction, rather than doing some high-maintenance or faddy temporary fix. I’m having either one or two Huels a day and making the other meals up out of tasty yet healthy ingredients, whilst also keeping myself well hydrated and enjoying my 12 mile round-trip cycle commute (as well as biking everywhere I can out of work too).

I’ve started cooking every night and now have a freezer full of healthy but delicious meals (courtesy of Pinch of Nom). I feel much more energetic, I’ve lost 6 pounds already and I’ve set myself an ambitious target by the end of the year.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the lumps so I started blending Huel in a £20 Breville blender (similar to the nutri bullet) and it’s made a huge difference to the texture.

Best achievement of all? My partner gave me a night-out pass on Saturday and I partied hard, made a load of new friends and was genuinely disappointed when they turned the lights back on at 3am. Whilst I normally would have been in a horrendous state the next day, having drank just clear spirits and mixers as well as mixing up two Huels the night before, Sunday wasn’t a write-off and I was out at the park with my kids and even managed to get a little bike ride in.

So far, so good.


well done! I also use Pinch Of Nom a lot, their new recipe book is great and has a load of recipes you can’t get online. The discovery of PON was a total godsend when I started trying to cook healthily!