Huel for University/College Sport Teams

@Julian I’ve recently been made aware of Huel and even more recently purchased some, my friend at university let me try some and it went down a treat. I am an engineer as well as a member of a sports team representing the University and it seems to tick all the boxes I need to get me through the day and actually achieve something in my training without paying through the nose for city food or bringing in whatever I could muster the night before.
I feel like there is a massive market for this because a lot of my friends struggle with the aspect of getting enough ‘food’ in, in the hour lunch we have and then continuing the day, I notice you do point this out in one of your adverts but the amount of different types of sport and number of people who do them in a university and college environment that could put this to their advantage if only they knew about it is staggering. This is really only me hoping to help a little with some advice, you probably have already realised about this untapped market but I don’t see a lot of students using products like this and I’ve asked around and not a lot really know about it but many were interested.
Anyway, love the product, hope you keep expanding, all the best

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