Using Huel around sports

Hello all,

I am looking to use Huel to support a busy work life and sports interest.

Currently I spend a lot of time cooking up a storm at the weekend and have been making frozen meals that I can microwave post training but that pretty much takes up 5 hours of cooking for a week and I still have the problem of forgetting meals or training and then having to wait until I can find something decent to eat. Similarly with my coaching we are always trying to get athletes to eat a meal as soon as possible post training rather than taking sports drinks which can be pretty bad (anything we use comes tested from informed-sport. There is defiantly a market here especially for everyone who trains at 06.00 and then heads to work with a commute.

What is the quality of your ingredients and manufacturing like? On the surface it all seems pretty good and would be ok in the sporting world but when you are used to checking everything you put in your body against databases you get a bit paranoid.

Thanks for any help / responses in advance.

So as an update I went through all the ingredient I could find against GlobalDRO and it all looks good (as I hoped) and have bought a weeks worth to have a taste. One thing I could not find anything on is how you make the product and what conditions (ISO standards) / if anything else is made on the same line or whether this is the only thing to rule out any contamination as often happens with supplements (if anyone knows about this please let me know).

So I plan to use this in my rest month to see how my body reacts. I am 6 ft 4 and weigh in at a light 72 kg however that is more to the sports I do (need to keep lean). For this month I will be running for upwards of 30 mins at around 6 min mile pace or swimming for 30 min. This is a basic recovery phase for me.

Full on training would involve weights training 2 - 4 times a week depending on the time of year, based around an Olympic and strength lifts or high intensity circuits. 2 - 3 track sessions a week and a lot of stretching and throw in some climbing for good measure as well as coaching and a day job (life is busy but great).

I am hoping it can fill the void of post training fueling when I am traveling or be used as a mid day snack if I am getting through all my meals but still need more food (as well as kick out the quick meals / bag of salad as I am hungry).

Hi Ash

Although Huel has not been specifically designed for sports, its nutritional profile is perfectly suited to recreational sports folk. It’s high protein and the carbs are based around oats. Plus the micronutritional profile suits. Just remember to consume plenty of water on top of what you mix the Huel powder with.

I can confirm that the quality of our ingredients is top notch. Other than my work with Huel, I work with top level strongmen, bodybuilders and fitness models and I am very au fait with the sports supplement industry so I know the importance of quality.

Sorry to bump an old post. Just noticed that the question of Informed-Sport batch testing has been asked. We’re pleased to say we have recently released a Huel Informed-Sport tested and accredited version called Huel Professional!