Any athletes here?

As the title, any athletes here?
How has Huel fit with training/dieting etc?

Athletes as in Track and Field? Not me. But a shake before a gym session is always good (gym as in ergo machine, not pommel horse, parallel bars, etc). :sweat_smile:

WELL… I meant any kind of competitive sport but as the response has been so deathly quiet I suppose it can extend to ‘can anyone here move unaided’

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I wouldn’t expect too much response on a Friday/weekend TBH - it seems to be the forums traditionally quiet period - unless theres some sort of entitled outrage event going on.

Too much exercise killed 'em.

Had a few health issues caused by sport myself but still alive so far.

Amateur runner here, very much middle of the pack but completed 8 or so marathons, an ultra and a whole bunch of 10k’s and Tough Mudder like events whilst on a primarily OG Huel based diet.

Huel is just food in my eyes, so it fit into my training exactly like any other meal. Worked a treat and kept me going nicely.


I’m (probably) retired but I’ve been tempted recently.
I’m doing more running in my routine as I’m doing a 100k run in September, can’t say I’m a fan.

Of Huel, or the running :laughing:

Pretty similar experience. I’ve done some of my best training when regularly using Huel. It’s also a great pre-workout meal as it digests much quicker than solid food. 45 minutes is the minimum from my experience, probably 1.5 hours if running.

Hi I’m a karate international. I find huel great for training , gives me everything I need and nothing I don’t!

I keep my meal for after training. Just seems to be what works best for me.

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Im an ice skater and I use Huel as a meal replacement for my breakfast and lunch then eat normally for diner.

I have found Huel very helpful and fits in grate with my training as I can spend hours at the rink. Also I have found that i can drink Huel whilst training, which is very helpful for when i’m on the ice at 5:30am.

My ice rink dose not offer any healthy food options so i was finding myself either not eating until diner or snacking on unhealthy snacks, neither of those options where ideal. So Huel was the perfect option so me.