Swimmer - Just Signed Up

Hello to all on this Forum. I have just signed up for Huel and I will be hopefully integrating into my weekly meals.

I am not planning to go full out Huel but especially use it at Breakfast as I find myself skipping breakfast a lot and Lunch.

I have been using Smoothies as a lunch replacement but Huel sounds a better option so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Also as a competitive Masters swimming I will be looking at and reviewing how useful Huel will be during a competition. Often between sessions we have to get breakfast and lunch on the run so having a good source of nutrients that is easy to put together sounds ideal.

Love to hear from anybody else who is thinking along the same lines.

I don’t swim myself, but do you know Mathew Pritchard? He is one of the founders of Dirty Sanchez, and is currently doing 30 half iron mans in 30 days.

He’s using Huel to get some calories between and before the running/swimming/cycling bits and seems to be working for him!

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Hey @swimmer :slight_smile: I’m on my second week with Huel, and I swim a lot too, so I’m interested to see how I perform on Huel. I’ve had a lot more energy at my dance classes, but haven’t noticed much difference in my swim sets (YET!).

Interesting! I try to swim every day during my lunch break and took up Huel to replace breakfast and lunch as I over eat and eat the bad things whilst at work - following a sugar low in the afternoons.
By mid-week i found my technic had improved and was able to hold a stream line for an extended amount of time. I usually complete 50 lengths over a lunch break but felt so good that I carried on a doubled it. When I take up Triathlons again i will definitely trail Huel during the event. I think it is well balance and will give me what I need - rather than finishing with a massive headache and feeling sketchy after consuming so many energy gels.

It may all be a Placebo, but then again I am cynical.

Good luck

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I’d love for more studies to be done by independent companies to confirm this sort of thing.

I certainly felt better when I was ‘on it’ from a diet point of view, but was it placebo because I thought I should be performing/feeling better? Who knows!

Someone needs to make a documentary :slight_smile:

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Not a swimmer, but I am an internationally ranked taekwondo competitor (though focusing on boxing right now due to recent surgery). Huel has not only replaced 100% of my meals, it has eliminated the need for any expensive supplements (which are usually full of crap). The sustained energy release is great and I haven’t had a single case of DOMS.


@mr_high_kick no DOMs wow. If I do back squats I’m almost guaranteed not to be able to walk probably for 4 days. But I imagine you are just slightly more supple than me :wink:

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My Huel arrived yesterday so from Today I will be using it as part of my diet. Mainly as breakfast at first and perhaps Lunch. Not going full 100% as eating Dinner with my young family is important.

In three weeks having to travel to a meet for a few days so it will be interesting how easy and beneficial Huel will be in that environment and scenario.

Let us know how you get on, it would be great to hear it all. Be interesting to see what effect it has on everything.

I have now been using Huel for the past 3 months in build up to my Swim Meets and day to day for training. I didn’t want to reply straight away but report back after an extended use.

Mainly been using Huel as breakfast but occasionally lunch as well. Enjoy using it. I often buy the frozen bags of fruit and use them to add flavour. Also found like smoothies adding a banana always seems to help things.

Flavours - I like Banana (hope it comes back soon) and recently got Strawberry which I am not so fussed on.

Also found the Vanilla Huel better as I could only drink the unflavoured Huel if it was added with fruit etc. With Vanilla I can quickly make a batch up straight and drink it. This helps big time when in a rush and when I am at meets and I am unable to carry any extras with me.

First thing no loss of power/energy during training. In fact past few months I have been getting stronger though that was happening before I started Huel. It continued while using Huel so no loss encountered.

Used Huel at meets including last week at European Masters in London. I was there a week and for the first 3 days I had Huel for breakfast and Lunch. It was perfect for this scenario. Easy to make up in my Hotel room and I wasn’t Hungry at all. Also these championships were over subscribed so went late into the night, so one of the nights I was able to quickly make my self up a batch and have as evening meal before I went and swam again (11.30pm one night).

Swam well enough having best times for some time.

I have also lost quite a bit of excess blubber since starting Huel in combination with training hard. Found comfortable to eat what I want as an evening meal, and if I crave anything it is more the taste of certain foods than the food itself.

Thumbs Up here.


I find Huel a great pre-training food. It’s difficult to quantify because there are many variables but subjectively I feel I have more energy, stamina and keep focus easier when swimming compared to when I haven’t had Huel.

Great feedback; glad you’re doing well with Huel