Running and nutrition with huel

Hi Everybody. Just after holiday i start to test Hueal powder. I rather active person ( and wants to check if huel could help me to suply all ingriedients just after training).
Today i ate 100 grams just after traninig . I didnt have shaker so i add just to cup and mix annd banana and protein snack. Taste vanila acceptable and i dont fell hungry in few hours - so very good results for me


Huel is ideal to have after training. We need carbohydrates and energy to refuel after exercise and Huel is packed full of it! I have Huel after my runs all the time. So pleased you’re finding it works for you too :fist:

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It’s very easy to come on the forum and rant when things go wrong but for some reason it’s not so natural to come on here and say thanks when things go well… thanks for sharing, nice to hear other people love Huel as much as I do