Using Huel as a Student


I’m a student in the UK and have been attempting to be a bit more health conscious over the last year or so. I take a computer science course and my schedule is absolutely rammed between work and study time. One problem I have is I teeter at being underweight, as I never find the time to make breakfast nor do I snack a lot.

One big problem for me has been increasingly bad hunger pangs during mornings and would result in me spending too much money on food during the day.

I found out about Huel and decided to grab the coffee flavour (do like me some coffee) so I could attempt to get a healthy breakfast during the mornings, later also using Huel for lunches as well. It’s been pretty successful, I’ve managed to get a higher caloric intake, and I feel full during the mornings and my energy levels overall are higher.

The main benefit for me is the short preparation time, and I’ve been able to keep up the steady breakfast habit over the last few weeks successfully. Overall, I’d definitely recommend Huel for those on busy study schedules and don’t want to get entrapped by the daily £3+ meal deal :wink:


That’s a good and positive review :slight_smile:

Always find this such a crazy excuse!

But yeah, think you’ll find it much easier to cram in a tonne of nutrition with Huel rather than cooking any brekkie.

Students could be some of the biggest beneficiaries of using meal replacements. I wish we had Huel when I was a student, it would have saved me few tuna/pasta meals (what I used to eat when money started being short, towards the end of the month).

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Thank you so much for the feedback, Harry! Eating healthy as a student is sometimes a bit of nightmare and I’m so pleased that you’re loving your Huel and already being more energised. Keep up the hard studying!

Student here too!

I definitely agree: sometimes I have back to back classes from 9-1pm; it helps to have Huel in my flask that I can just sip during lectures and no one having the slightest clue :smiley:

((and feel a tad smug watching everyone get 3 pound meal deals as I righteously sip my Huel :stuck_out_tongue: ))


My Huel shaker on University of Southampton campus (Go scummers!)

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