Maybe not the future of all food, but certainly a large part of it!

I feel it necessary to first state that I love food. I’m not one of those people who just use food to stay alive, I actively love it - the taste, the experience of going to a restaurant, the social aspect etc.

With that in mind, let me just say how much I love Huel. As a busy student, I have been trying numerous ways of maintaining a healthy diet while staying on top of work and not feeling guilty about spending an hour a day in the kitchen.

With Huel, I can take my liquid lunch to university and drink it while I work and it saves so much time, money and is much healthier than a sandwich. Going back to my point about enjoying food, allowing myself one solid meal each day is a perfect compromise as it allows me to keep on top of my nutrition, lets me look forward to and then enjoy my one meal so much more. Besides, I hardly enjoy my lunch anyway as it is usually quite rushed and would almost always consist of the same selection of 5 sandwiches, which only kept me full for a couple of hours.

I have found that one solid meal a day is enough to keep life interesting and means that if I let myself have a slightly less healthy meal now and again it has very little impact on my overall energy levels as I have been drinking huel most of the time and so have met my daily intake of vitamins/protein etc. I guess one bacon sandwich in a day is about as satisfying as three!

It’s also worth me mentioning that I have a large appetite and am used to consuming large quantities of food. Huel is great for me on my diet as I can have 150g of huel at about 10am (roughly 4 scoops) and then don’t feel any need to snack until at least 5pm. Bear in mind that 150g of huel contains 615 calories and so you can imagine how easy it is to stay under your daily 1800-2200 calories. My energy levels have improved, I don’t crave anymore and, as proof, when I stood in front of the vending machine the other day, I literally didn’t want anything. That’s a first for me.

To summarise, Huel is a great tool for dieting or simply for keeping track of your macros (150g is exactly 615 calories, no need to guess anymore!). I don’t think most people would be able to use it to replace all food unless you’re indifferent to food (if you are then I don’t think we can be friends), but when you’re hungry and can’t be bothered to cook or don’t want to spend £5 on a mediocre sandwich and you want to eat healthily, Huel is the answer to your problems. Eat Huel during the day and then treat yourself to a burger in the evening :sunglasses:

Having been eating unflavoured for 2 weeks now, I ordered the vanilla sample and found it very unappetising. Very sweet and quite artificial tasting. If you like that kind of thing then maybe you’ll enjoy it more but for me the unflavoured version is great as it just tastes like porridge oats with added plant protein (which is what it is). I usually measure out 150g of huel into an empty shaker and then take that with me. At lunch, I simply add water and shake.

I’d say, like a lot of other people on this forum, take the plunge. If you care about your nutrition, you honestly won’t regret it. If you’re not fussed about nutrition then maybe Huel won’t live up to the hype for you.


Glad you’re getting on well with Huel :smile:

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