Huel - First Try

Just started Huel this morning. 2 scoops (i’m trying to lose a few pounds) of new vanilla in about 400ml water, left in the fridge overnight.
Tasted great though perhaps a little watery so i’ll cut the volume down a bit tomorrow. Planning to build up to 2 Huel meals a day and am looking forward to experimenting over the next few weeks with the flavour boosts and some other additions.
Main reasons for giving Huel a go is the mad rush in the morning to get kids to school means little time for a healthy breakfast. Plus if I forget to prep a lunch the night before it’s sandwiches and crisps for a fiver from the staff canteen. Huel seems a good solution for saving time, stress and ensuring at least a couple of meals a day are nutritionally balanced.


Yup, 2 good reasons and it works well for that sort of lifestyle.

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