Not really for me

Huel wasn’t really for me, i probably did 4 weeks of it but i just missed proper food too much. I got Huel for weight loss but for me it didn’t really work, probably because of my work i could exercise as much as i wanted.

Either way i have 4 bags of vanilla 2.0 available - message me for details

Have you tried just replacing work breakfast and lunch with it, eating normally for dinner and all weekend?

Worked best for me (similarly would never give up food entirely).


Yeah, what @belayatron said.

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That works for me! I think it’s important to keep the flavours changing to stop getting bored. I put a double espresso in my breakfast drink this morning - really tasty and satisfying.

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Agree, I change from time to time to keep it interesting. Currently adding a teaspoon of cacao (not cocoa) powder to each = seems to give it a nice strong nutty taste.

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ill take them off you Davros


Yeah they’re on eBay at the moment at £100 and £10 postage.


That’s more than what the current version goes for on :astonished:


What do you mean? Although some do use Huel 100%, that isn’t the intended use of it. Was this what you were doing?

Huel provides healthy convenience food and like others have said here, using it for breakfast and/or lunch with a health meal in the evening is a great way to get quality nutrition without the time constraint of preparing it. I love the extra time I get in the evening making a great meal by using Huel for lunches; or the ability to go to the gym before work without getting a stitch from breakfast.

Either way, thank you for trying Huel and I hope you find something that works for you.

Isn’t it £45 a bag?

£45 for two pouches totalling 14000 kcal, including free next working day delivery.

Open to offers


I have one bag of Vanilla Huel (brand new, never touched) and another bag with only 10 scoops taken from it, along with banana flavouring (2 teaspoons used) and strawberry flavouring (1 teaspoon used), 2 scoops (1 un-used), 2 chocolate bars, and a grey T-shirt (large) - all for sale at £80 including P&P, or £60 if collecting (located in Colchester, Essex). I just can’t get on with the stuff but don’t want to throw it all away if someone can benefit from it, (and I can re-coup some of my hard-earned money.)