Silver (3000) T-Shirts Unavailable?

Hi Team,

I’ve been trying to select Men’s Large (3000-club) tshirt since forever but it seems to unavailable - any indication as to when it’d be restocked?

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Thanks for asking the question, I’d been wondering the same! :slight_smile:

This looks like it will be mid September, however that is the current estimate and subject to change :pray:


@Charlotte_Huel , How do we find out how many meals we have purchased? I know I have more than 1000 as I have the shirt.

I counted back on delivery emails and double-checked against bank statements. Hours of fun.

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Don’t think I could be bothered with that. I’ll await a reply from @Charlotte_Huel . :+1:

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I bothered with it because the total recorded for me at Huel HQ was wrong. I’d kept a tally running so I knew what the right number was, I only counted back to be double/triple sure and to be able to get HQ to adjust my number without there being any doubt at all.

Noted, thank you :slight_smile:

If you contact us at and we can let you know! :slightly_smiling_face:

@epicure if you ever find the total we give you to be wrong, please let us know :pray:

Yes I had some discussion, and after a bit of to and fro I think we got it straight. I asked for a check and the first total was way out, then the increased number made no sense, so I spent time checking back and confirmed the correct number, and I think it’s all straight now.

Proud to be a Millennial at last. :older_man:


Hang on - we can adjust the number?

I had a whole palava before about having two accounts (when I got a new email I just made a new account instead of changing the address) and was told they can’t combine the numbers.

@Charlotte_Huel is this now possible, to add the numbers of the previous account to the current one? :star_struck:

just bumping this if that’s okay - if it’s now possible to manually adjust the number on my huel account, does that mean I can add the meals from my old one? :pray:

I’ve also been waiting a very long time for them to restock the silver T-shirt in my size (XL). It appeared as an option recently for my latest subsciption order and I added it. Got the order confirmation today that says they are sending me a Beanie, but no mention of the Silver T-shirt anywhere. So I’m guessing they are not sending one after all.

My 3k order turned up today, the order confirmation had the beanie but no mention of t-shirt. Order just turned up, was sad to see no t-shirt until i picked up an all black 3k water bottle which had the t-shirt folded up inside it.

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Yes. I had the same experience this morning which was a pleasant surprise.

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