Problem ordering on

Hi. I’ve just recently started using Huel and I’ve managed to convince a friend to start a subscription too. However, when ordering for them (their first order with a new account I set up for them), I click to add the T-shirt (need either XL or XXL) and the t-shirt doesn’t get added to the order.

I don’t think the prob is at my end as I’ve tried several browsers and devices and have the same issue. Can anyone check this? My friend is a bit cynical about trying out huel in the first place so having these kind of issues on their first order doesn’t help.


If you and your friend are at the same address or using the same card details or the same email address, any of these things could be triggering the automated “first time user” alert thing

Looks like they were just out of stock of the XL I was trying to order. Ordered Large instead and it’ll just have to act as motivation for my mate to lose enough weight to fit in it!


That’s a great motivational tool.

I had an XXL and it fit … when I started consuming huel

Now several months on and a L is absolutely fine and fits perfectly !
Definitely an incentive !!


Hey team, sorry for being slack on replies here. We had a few t-shirts run out, but now we are only out of stock on Men’s Black XXL. Sorry that isn’t clear on the basket page.

Absolutely love this :facepunch: Kudos. Also just seen your profile picture and made me smile!