Website bug? Unable to proceed with purchase when selecting free t-shirt and shaker

As the title suggests, something on the website seems bugged. I posted earlier with no response regarding not being able to buy my first Huel, emailed too, no response so far, post on FB group, no response so far.
So I’ve figured how to buy it, by not selecting it as my first time, and not claiming the freebies.
Just letting you know, maybe someone from the team will read it. I feel a little cheated if I have to buy a shaker though. :disappointed:

Hey I have just tried the same - was hoping it was your browser or something but i cannot either place an order if i select the new customer option. Just loops you round and round in the basket.

I know this doesn’t help you but thought i would let you know :slight_smile:

Are you trying to order a medium mens t-shirt as if i select that it will not work, if i select a large it will take you to next stage @MakoMoogle

Yeh, I actually just tried something else, it may be a bug with having multiple items in the basket, I tried adding a shaker with the Huel, so 2 items in the basket, didn’t let me proceed.
Ity lets me proceed to the next page with only 1 item though.

No, I was selecting size large. Maybe it’s not a bug with multiple items. Now I’m just confused what is causing it.

Strange… i added a flavour pouch and it now won’t let me continue at all - i guess that was your other item?

it must be a bug sorry i couldn’t help you :slight_smile: @Julian @JamesCollier

No, my 2 items originally were the £45 vanilla Huel, and the freebies. Another thing tried was just buying the sample, on it’s own, that didn’t work either. And no worries, at least I’m not alone I suppose. aha.

I am on a subscription - much easier! They won’t dispatch at weekends anyway so no matter if you placed today or Monday morning you will still get it Tuesday. Someone will more than likely respond to you here - i also added Julian and James here so they can see the issue too.

Have a good weekend :slight_smile:

I noticed, and thank you for tagging them, much appreciated :slight_smile: I may go onto the subscription later on, this is a trail for me to see how I feel. A 100g trail wouldn’t really tell me the benefits, 4 weeksshould tell me that.

I am 100% Huel a day for 80% of the week (eat out at weekend etc) and never felt better - strawberry flavour is awesome and my personal favourite is a shot of coffee in the morning shake.

Oh yeh I was spying that coffee up myself :stuck_out_tongue: That’s definitely going in if this goes well. Anyway, thank you and have a good weekend yourself.

Sorry everyone, we are looking into the issue at the moment.

It’s alright. And thanks for looking into it.
If it helps you replicate to find the bug causing it I’ll let you know what I’ve tried.

(all non subscription)

  • Ordering £45 vanilla + freebies, not working

  • Ordering single item shaker in both varieties, not working

  • Ordering single £4 trial, not working

  • Ordering £45 vanilla + £5 shaker, not working

  • Ordering single £45 vanilla without freebies, working

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Hi. Not working for me either, trying to buy gluten free huel - have tried with and without the freebies. ‘Checkout’ button just reloads the same page.
Oh - and tried in chrome and in ie.

Sorry for the delay, the problem with the checkout has now been fixed.