Free T-shirt for new customers - no sign of it

Hi all i’m a new customer and I was wondering if any of you who are recently new received the free t-shirt as my parcel has come today and everything is in it bar the T-shirt! Slightly confused!

Anyone else had this problem?

Did you make sure to add it and specify the size in the basket? Also, it comes in a smaller envelope in the box o it might blend in :stuck_out_tongue:

It was already added on the order when I checked out!

It shows up in your basket but you need to specify size and colour i believe?

I didn’t know I had the option - I have emailed them and hopefully I will get a response!

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Yes sorry Anthony, if you don’t select a size and colour then a t-shirt won’t be added. But get in touch with the team and they’ll hook you up with one asap. Can’t have you without your fresh huel garms can we?


:rofl: :joy: :joy: believe it or not i’m saving up a £10 to buy my misses the Huel metal water bottle, are already looking to spend £275 a month on Huel black and H&S with a one off order of 12x of each RTD flavour.

The “garms” are weirdly addicting to collect.