Saw this on reddit, dont recognise the packaging?

has anyone else seen this? someone post it on reddit. ive only been ordering huel for a year or so, is it an old product or something? some people saying it’s a savoury thing.

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Is that some garlic? Paprika? Peanuts?

We need answerss!!!


yesss, youve got good eyesight. loads of red too.

No idea what you’re talking about… :eyes: :grimacing:


Tell us a dateee of releaseee

Tried to do my best from a very small picture

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Is it soup, Tim?? Please let it be soup…!

thats either a finger bowl or the biggest soup packet in the world ever :slight_smile:

It seems like the Jimmy Joy bags, with just 5-10 meals. Price is not going to be “cute” I am guessing



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As if huel would sell something in single portion packaging, that’ll be 15 bowls worth at least :wink: ha

I’m leaning towards huel curry, that’d be next level awesome

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@Tim_Huel that is actually so exciting

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haha this makes it look like a watercolor painting!

soup would be cool, im not a fan of peanuts but yeah soup or dam curry too!

Is it legit or a hoax?

If it’s a hoax then Tim is playing along, which makes him EVIL.

I reckon it’s a bowl of official Huel potpourri, to mask the scent of official Huel farts.


Yes. It is.

Saw this today. We can confirm that it will have whole ingredients.

Onion, tomato, basil, basmati rice and quinoa almost confirmed

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big clues dropping on their instagram feed tomorrow they say :slight_smile: and a months supply of it giveaway

One word puts me off already…onion :roll_eyes: Big no no for me unless it’s an excessively small amount.

Shall we start a demand for Huel Soup Unonioned? :rofl:


Lol yes please :grin: