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Seeing a lot of posts on the Huel Sub Reddit about plastic being found in Huel bags as part of the manufacturing process? Obviously very worried about this and am wondering if Huel can make some Kind of official comment here please?

If it was a one off I wouldn’t be too worried - but there are almost daily posts right now?


Thanks for the message here. This has been raised but our response is somewhat buried in a different thread, as that’s where it was initially raised on the forum. I am going to do some merging and moving of responses as clearly this deserves it’s own thread.

The below is moved from the ‘Wishlist’ thread.

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Improved QA is on my wishlist - I have seen so many photos of plastic found in Huel in the last days that I am starting to get really worried and now also a video has been uploaded to youtube.

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Can’t say as I have ever experienced anything like that – interesting to see the video where they show an unopened bag at the beginning but then it cuts away and you do not see the bag being opened or powder being scooped out of it – it’s all done out of crop so there is no indication were its coming from or if it’s coming from the same bag. Not saying this video is a click bait fake perse – even though youtube is literally saturated with that – but it’s not exactly damming either.

TBH haven’t seen any posts on here like that for a couple of years (could be wrong) but anyone finding that should definitely contact support with photos and batch numbers of the product – they cant do anything about it or look into it with the manufacturing plants unless there are some details to work with I wouldn’t have thought.


Cuts on video, never shown the completely sealed package. Com’on. I can’t trust a video like that.


I wish I could dismiss this video so fast, but there have been 5 publications in the last 3 months on reddit made by different people where they have posted images of plastic in Huel. Examples: 1, 2, 3,… The number 2 from one month ago looks very similar to the blue piece found in the video. Some commenters mentioned that most of these issues have been found in the USA. I seriously hope this is all fake, but it really got me thinking.

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I believe Huel uses an external company (or provider) for packaging. So it’s not really on Huel (indeed it is since they should check and double-check the quality of the packaging provided by whom they assign it to). But we can’t say the product itself got worse

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im not dismissing it as I said, but for me, when you have a problem with a product like this (and contaminants find their way into pre-packed food products all the time) you go to the manufacturer as a first port of call both to alert them and find out what it is. When I see very carefully edited and cropped videos like this - it always rings alarm bells of caution - given the huge amount of staged, fake and generally unreliable content on these platforms.

Im sure that the brand owners and manufacturers would rather be alerted to it as soon as possible, with all the relevant details, so that they can trace the problem if it is genuine.


I second this. And also: I agree on the

You should just do that to alert, all the hate is useless.


We’re really sorry about this and we recognise that we don’t always get it right. Cases like this are rare, however we do take every instance like this very seriously and I want to assure you that we continue to work very closely with our manufacturing partners and our ingredients suppliers to try to prevent anything that shouldn’t be there getting into our products.

As an idea of some of the steps we are taking, here are some of the things that we have introduced:

  • Pre-sorting of some of our higher risk ingredients.
  • Reviewing every single supplier who provides ingredients for our product.
  • Implementing X-rays on our lines to scan every single pouch.
  • Working with our co-manufacturers on how they open ingredient bags
  • Ingredients that are grown externally can often be challenging and we are working with our suppliers to reduce these challenges
  • Putting a variety of sieves in place at different stages.
  • Constantly trending any complaint information that we get back so we can target our approach and see what’s working.

Again, we appreciate you raising this feedback and we will keep on working to further improve upon this. Please be assured that we have escalated the above example and are working with the customer on a resolution.


In the worst case scenario where all those steps fail, what happens to the person if they eat that blue plastic?

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Our bodies tend to expel minute objects after a day or so, however this will vary per person.

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Don’t we ingest 5 grams of plastic a week anyway? Not saying it’s ideal, but probably not a new problem.

How much plastic do you eat? It could be as much as a credit card a week | Euronews.

Has no-one here tested a mother’s love as a toddler & eaten their Lego/eye patch only for her to have to ensure (by rigorous quality control of her own), that it’s exited safely?
My mother loved me repeatedly…

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