Plastic in Huel

I have found plastic a total of three times now in my huel. I had previously only found it in huel 3.0, but this time I found it in Huel black. I was lucky that I was swishing the huel in my mouth before drinking it, because I could have easily swallowed without knowing.

A redditor told me to add this post to the forum and include the image of my plastic.

This is probably in US? On the US bags Huel should probably add a warning that it can contain traces of…plastic.

I’m sorry, Can you please send us an email to so we can look into this for you, we’re having difficulty locating correspondence from your forum email address.

Considering all the post/comments regarding plastics in Huel it would be reassuring to publish a public post/blog on what are your measures to prevent future issues.

We previously shared on Reddit that we reviewed our whole manufacturing base and decided that we wanted higher standards across the board.

Some of the changes we’ve made include:

  • Moving production to new sites in the US with improved controls

  • Pre-sorting of some of our higher risk ingredients. Ingredients that are grown externally can often be challenging and we are working with our suppliers to reduce these challenges

  • Working with our co-manufacturers on how they open ingredient bags. We open all bags with fresh blades and are moving to new blades or daily sharpened - this provides a cleaner cut to the bags and reduces chances of contamination when cutting the paper or plastic.

  • Additional tests and equipment to detect foreign objects. These include x-rays on our lines to scan every pouch and sieves to further detect and prevent foreign bodies from getting into our products. We sieve all powders to the finest grade we possibly can, 1.6mm.

We are confident the issue is now resolved and we will see continued product quality improvements given the intense focus that has been put on it over the last 12 months. We are not resting at this and continuing to make regular factory visits and audits to drive further improvement.