Huel Bars - Plastic Contaminant

Good afternoon,

My partner discovered red hard plastic material in here Huel bar last week. I have been trying to get support via email however Huel have not yet been able to receive any photos. I hope somebody at Huel can pick this up and get in touch, please find photos and origional email below.

Many thanks, Jon

Email sent 12/10/2018

Good morning Team Huel,

Firstly I wanted to that after joining and subscribing to Huel back in June both myself and my partner have had a great experience, we really like your products! When mixed with a healthy diet we feel energised and satisfied! So thank you for these products.

Unfortunately, this morning my partner had a rather less than pleasant experience. When eating her bar at work this morning she found a large piece of red plastic in the bar! She describes it as being hard and tough, like a cable tie. Fortunately she discovered it before eating it but I am sure you will agree the consequences could have been awful. We are bringing this to your attention as hopefully its a one off but if not you may want to check your QC.

For your information I am pretty sure these bars were received as part of our order #REDACTED delivered in August. We also still have a number of these bars left and I am not terrible confident that eating them would be a good idea, could you please advise what your thoughts are on this?

I have attached a few pictures for your consideration, if you need anything further please do not hesitate to contact me and I look forward to hearing from you and what actions/precautions we should take regarding the remaining bars.

(apologies for sending the photos in the body of this email, somehow I cant attach them using icloud…)

Many thanks,



Picture 2 attached (new users can only attach one picture per post :slight_smile: )


Hey there John, thanks so much for getting those photos to us. This is obviously totally unacceptable and falls far below our standards. I have no doubt this is a totally freak occurrence and I will be raising an investigation as soon as possible. For this to happen could you please do the following:

  • Tell us your batch number. This can be found on individual bars under the Best Before date, i.e.

G8226 14:57

  • Post the Bar AND the foreign body back to us, with a note explaining who you are and where you have communicated with us. Please don’t just send the Bar back with no message, it will get lost. We will reimburse you for the postage of course.

The address is:
FAO Tim Urch
Unit 5 Midshires Business Park
Smeaton Close
HP19 8HL

Once we have that information we can start an investigation. Until then would you like us to replace or refund your Bars?

We’re so sorry this has happened and looking forward to your correspondence so we can solve it and see if it’s our production line and if so how we can improve.

Hi Tim,

Many thanks for your swift response, I really appreciate it!

OK - so the batch number is as follows;

G 8206 10:05

As mentioned we only have about half of the bars left from this delivery, if you could credit my Huel account half the cost we would be more than happy with that as we would still like to continue using Huel.

I’ll post everything to you at the address above and include a print out of this conversation (don’t worry about the postage), I’ll include the original order information also so you know it’s me :wink:

Many thanks once again, Jon.

Thank you for all that Jon, I have passed it all on to the Quality team and once we have the plastic can begin to identify what this is and what we can do to rectify it if it is from our production line. Thanks for your help.

Hi Jon, have you posted this to us? Nothing has been received my end, worried it’s been lost – I DM’d you here 3 days ago but no response. It’s so important you send the contaminant back to us so we can fully investigate.



Many apologies for not replying until now - a series of unfortunate events pushed this down the old priority list! I’ll send them out today and you should have them within a day or 2.


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It’s no problem at all, Jon. Life happens - just hope all is OK with you. Thanks for getting back to me.