Plastic in my shake

So I’ve been using Huel for a couple of months now and decided to buy the ready made chocolate shakes.

4 bottles in and I noticed it was a little bit bitty carried on drinking then felt a big bit…spat it out and found it was a bit of blue plastic!!

Today I feel awful stomach cramps like I have a tummy bug.

I have tried the chat options and what’s app message but not heard back from anyone and I’m quite concerned.

Right of passage I’d say :confused:

From US, right?

Sorry for the delayed whatsapp response, our team is on it now and you should expect a response soon.

Thank you, all sorted and I have replacements on the way.

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I’ve not opened mine yet but I also have a box of Huel Chocolate Rtd, which I’ve not opened yet, which appear to have the same lot number but different time, are they ok to drink?



I haven’t had any of them since, I found they had a funny taste prior to the incident of finding plastic, since I’ve a weak stomach I’ve left them for my husband to try as he’s braver than me lol.

Huel did say they would be fine so I guess yours will be.