Found something in my Huel powder

So I have gone through about half of my Huel pouch (v2.3) and have been really enjoying it!
However, today I found what seems to be a small piece of blue plastic in one of my scoops. I took it out and used the scoop anyways.
Has anyone else had this experience?

(next to my index finger for a reference of size)

Damn… that is not good… Does it suppose to mean that sometime we have eaten plastic like that? I dont usually check the powder

Hey there, thanks for raising this I’m so sorry to see that, we have the most scrupulous measures in place to avoid this so I would like to investigate as soon as we can. I’ll drop you a DM now so we can get this sorted. Please don’t throw away the piece of plastic.

I blended a Myprotein whey scoop (bright blue) into my Huel by mistake last week… Don’t ask…

Only noticed afterwards. Didn’t experience any side effects or issues, guess it passed through.

Wouldn’t do it again though!