Plastic in Huel Black - USA

Posted this to Reddit and they said i should post here. Been seeing a lot of posts about finding plastic in Huel and while i never thought it would happen to me…it did. Anyone have any experience with this?

This is UK/Europe/non-us forum and it doesn’t seem to be a major problem here. There is a US Huel forum and it seems to be more of an issue there so may be worth asking on that one also. I did actually see your post on Reddit (about 10 hours ago).

Welcome to the forum, I can see my colleague Dom has responded to you on Reddit.

Firstly, I just wanted to say we are disappointed to see this and we will be investigating this case as product quality and safety is massively important to us and we need to do better here. Cases like this are rare, however, we do take every instance like this very seriously and I want to assure you that we continue to work very closely with our manufacturing partners and our ingredients suppliers to try to prevent anything that shouldn’t be there from getting into our products. As an idea of some of the steps we are taking, here are some of the things that we have introduced:

  • Pre-sorting of some of our higher-risk ingredients.
  • Reviewing every single supplier who provides ingredients for our product.
  • Implementing X-rays on our lines to scan every single pouch.
  • Working with our co-manufacturers on how they open ingredient bags
  • Ingredients that are grown externally can often be challenging and we are working with our suppliers to reduce these challenges
  • Putting a variety of sieves in place at different stages.
  • Constantly trending any complaint information that we get back so we can target our approach and see what’s working. Again, we appreciate you raising this to us and we will keep on working to further improve upon this.