Saw this on reddit, dont recognise the packaging?

onion - or at least onion powder - appears in some degree or other in just about any savoury retail product you can buy so I wouldn’t read too much into that :slight_smile:

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True. Some my guts can cope with, others not so much or not at all.

I love onion and garlic, but it would be quite funny to make them developing an Unonioned version (which has no sense to think of)

@Tim_Huel dont take us seriously

Huel pasta

Isn’t quinoa devoid of nutrition? Along with lacking taste, texture… or anything really. What even is it?

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I love onions, I use them every time if I’m cooking something savoury. Besides that, the health benefits of onions are massive!
It’s great to hear that Huel is planning on using onions in some form. :slight_smile:

You joking fella? It contains all the amino acids, high in protein, and very tasty if you cook it correctly.

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Yeah I thought quinoa was a bit of a so-called superfood

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I love onions too, or used to. Unfortunately, I suffer from IBS so onions and garlic are a real problem to me. I substitute chives or asafoetida for the onion taste in soups and stews which I make from scratch and use Massel’s 7’s stock cubes. I even make my own curry powder.

not so tricky :slight_smile:




Pft, I don’t buy the lies from Big Quinoa



Huel expanding into the prison food market?

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Oh my god. Striped black and white. You’ve got it, rike.

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biscuit craving = Oreo :slight_smile:

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Hope you’re enjoying the teasers, it’s cruel I know but we’re having a great time! :smiling_imp:

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