Survey: Your favourite Hot&Savoury

Cool I will give it a go! :slight_smile:

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Last time I will change my results, I have now had the tomato one.

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Mexican Chilli FTW :raised_hands:

Nah, Thay curry! :raised_hands:

It’s good they are targeting several audiences at the same time :slight_smile:

Today, with 35 responses
Sweet and sour falls clearly behind

But don’t leave these 3 sweet&sour enthusiasts without their daily dose XD

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How does the sweet and sour taste? I reckon not everybody is a fan of combining pineapple with savoury; like the common debatable statement we have all heard:

“why would you put pineapple on a pizza?!” :sweat_smile:

Personally not too fussy but I will be ordering the newer flavours once I’ve finished my batch to see what it’s all about :heart_eyes: :eyes:

I’m one of the three sweet and sour lovers on the survey. It tastes like a sweet and sour pot noodle to me. It’s also much thicker than the other ones which I really like.


I’ve never tried pot noodle to be honest! Don’t think I’d ever be inclined to either haha
Huel is all you need in life :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, nice.
It’s true that It’s kind of thicker with the correct amount of water.
Anyhow, here in spain, chinese restarants serve “Sweet&Sour pork” and I kind of liked it but I’ve never been a fan, so that’s a baseline for liking or not S&S huel.

I had to drop it after having it for a week. While its not bad it’s not great one repeat.

True, I’m consuming it slowly, intercaling with other flavours.


Anybody tried combining their H+S Flavours??

I tried 50g Madras and 50g Sweet & Sour today and whoooo boy was it tasty!! It was a sad moment when my Madras became empty sigh

I added 240ml and left it for 6-8 minutes. It was nice and T H I C C not too thicc mind juuuuust the right thiccness hahah (some people on here just like it thick :frowning: )

The madras came through mostly but the S+S added a nice delicate touch to it.

Here are results (pic not as flattering as it was)

Hmm curious.
I combined Madras+TomatoHerb because none of them convinced me, and the result was still rill unconvincing XD But at least it didn’t burn my mouth.

Maybe you should open a topic about the best combination XD

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I haven’t. Sweet and sour is the only one I don’t like and I’ve not been able to make it taste good even adding other stuff, don’t wanna waste half a portion of madras on the experiment, but I am gonna give it a go to see.

I like tomato/herb 50/50 with mexican chilli

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It’s been mentioned a few times. Yes I mix mine. Not too keen on T&H so mix it with TGC or Madras, also S&S mixed with TGC or Madras. I leave mine 10mins

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I immediately created the thread hahah. I’ve linked it below. Should be entertaining! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Still waiting on that RTD poll :smiley:

Hmmmmm @Solyc do you want to create this poll seen as you’re a poll pro! Or would you like to hand the baton over to somebody else :wink:
This could become a thing you know haha

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Sorry for not creating it, I just tried RTD once.
Could you do it?
You just need to enter te following link to create the poll. It’s really easy to use :slight_smile:

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I’m actually in the process of doing it right now hahah :smiley:
Get ready!!

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