Lost my scoop. :(

Unfortunately I lost my scoop. Where could I get another one? I’ve been scooping up my HUEL with a spoon & I have to weigh out 125g with a scale. It’s a little hassle but It would be nice just to use the scoop.

Thank you.

Guess if you email team@huel.com they can send you a replacement.

Personally I prefer to use scales for accuracy, and I have a non-Huel scoop that weighs out 50g, so 2 of them and 100g which is the 400cal meal I want, none of the 38g nonsense with the Huel scoop.


You can also add extra scoops to your next order at checkout FYI

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Thank you, Hunzas. I’ve sent the team a message.
Many thanks.

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You could drill a hole through the handle of the scoop and attach a string with which to hang the scoop off a hook. This way it will not easily become lost.

I keep my scoop inside the bag. It helps that I have two scoops so I can have two flavours on the go without faffing about.

Huel needs to make stainless steel scoops, with a whole drilled through them. Then you can wear a couple around neck (or anywhere else you can think of) like dog tags.


Around your what? :face_with_monocle: :thinking:


Edited. Oops

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