The scoop

I was but I went to the accessories section from the menu.

I can imagine it’s not being offered at Accesoires from the menu, but it’s also not possible
to add a scoop to your basket. Only possible to add to subs, it seems.

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Mine too. My local Tesco is currently selling some in the sale for about 7 quid. Mine cost about twice that…but even 15 quid isn’t expensive in the scheme of things.

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I was logged in, and tried everything. Trust me. Done it multiple times. The option isn’t there anymore, at least for me. I understand buying separately in accessories doesn’t make much sense, but adding it to the order should be still available. Just saying, I’ll have my scale tmr anyway :slight_smile:

Here you go @Bee I got these today from Morrisons for £9,all ready to be used now



Great! Sorted :sunglasses:

Catching up on this one. To confrm:

  • We all now know how to add a scoop to an upcoming subscription? This is the answer.
  • You can’t add a scoop to an individual order. I believe we used to offer this but I imagine it was removed because we got first time customers adding scoops to an order (and not realising the starter kit includes one), thus receiving 3 scoops.

So I feel like we have reordering scoops covered:

If you’re a new customer you have one sent out to you automatically.
If you’ve purchased Huel before you either:

a) have a scoop
b) have a subscription so you can reorder a scoop



You heard it first from Tim. He has the scoop on it.