How I dispense huel

I am 95% huel right now and was getting tired of all the powder dust and water splashes from trying to put a scoop of huel into a 500ml cup of water. I scoured the internet for a solution and the best I have found (and turns out has been recommended on this forum) is a jam funnel!

Here are some pictures of the funnel in action. I put two scoops in each bottle, then use the scoop to help loosen the powder. I tap the funnel up and down against the bottle rim until all the powder is in the bottle.

I also add 2g of salt across my 4 shakes for the day as I find Huel a little low on sodium for my body’s needs, so a kitchen scale is another handy tool for the huel arsenal.


Dude… there are so many wrong things there…

1. Try to put first 400ml of water and then the Huel instead of 600ml that it seems. It will make the manual shake much easier.
2. The second shaker looks like it has 150gr of Huel, looks a looooot for a regular shaker.
3. If you are on a heavy Huel diet, consider using a blender all together for the rest of the day let it rest in the fridge in a big bottle or on individual shakers.
3* Trick for blending: If you are going to blend a lot of huel, mix it with less water and add the water after the blending is finished or in each shaker
3*. I dont like a lot cold huel but this is the way to make it last for the whole day.
4. Adding salt for me is a must
5. I think that you are overcomplicating yourself with the splash of the Huel, try to do that gently or use the internal walls of the shaker to avoid that. The simpler the better.
6. Looks like the kitchen of Breaking bad.

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  1. I’ve experimented with different levels of water pre and post powder. For me, 500ml of water then powder is the best blend of consistency and efficiency.
  2. Each shake is two full scoops (also not sure why that matters?)
  3. I use 4 different flavours, so all at once doesn’t work for me, but a blender is a great way to go if you’re doing the same flavour. I need a little more variety in my day. And the fridge is exactly where they go after I make them. I like letting them thicken and cool a bit, let’s the flavour and texture even out.
  4. I’ve tried, but found a funnel to just be easier and more consistent.
  5. lol, I’ll take breaking bad over a kitchen with mystery powder everywhere! :wink:

@airiartev Isaac was sharing how he makes Huel. I didn’t see him asking for a critique and advice on how you would do it better :thinking:


Hi Isaac. I like your idea of using a jam funnel. I’ve gone back to using my Breville Blend Active and the blender bottles are quite narrow. Seems that funnel would make things easier for me :+1:


I will try again the 600ml + 120gr Huel again to see if it doesn’t create lumps as it used to :wink:

I blend too if I use my blender(the nurtibullet) they are quite wide. However I only have one scoop of powder in mine as I prefer the taste with only one scoop.
When I return to the office I am going to try 3 shakes a day so I can have one before I leave for the gym and I’ll be using the old breville blender and funnel approach

I too have a larger blender, an Andrew James Nutri-Fit. Horses for courses though, I like the convenient size of the Breville, the slimline bottles fit nicely in the fridge.

I tend to scoop from the bag, shake the scooter excess off in the bag and tip into the beaker. I loose a minimal amount of powder. I do this over the sink to minimise cleaning up