Best way to shake Huel?

Hi everyone, instead of shaking huel for 10min i find out a better way.

  1. Fill your Huel Shaker with 450ml of Water.
  2. Add now your Flavour if you use any.
  3. Shake it.
  4. Add 1 cup (38g) Huel and…
  5. Shake it for about 20-30s with two hands like a beast :smiley:
  6. Repeat 4-5 till you got the amount of huel you want to drink.
  7. Enjoy :smiley:

Works for me, takes about 4-5min and the shake is almost perfect.

Nice but a bit slow! I add 500ml water. 3 scoops + Coffee. Shake upside down for 15 seconds.
No lumps, job done. :slight_smile: Quick and easy, one of the main reasons I bought Huel.
I can’t imagine Huel taking me more than a minute to prep!

400ml water + 3x scoops Huel + 100ml water = :+1:

I give it a good shake for about 20secs, with a mixing ball and it works out fine!

I use my Ninja, comes out perfect every time.

  1. Add 2/3 of the water
  2. Add scoops of Huel + any flavour
  3. Top up to fill line with water.
  4. Blend it for about 10 second
  5. Drink it!

Without a doubt… 500ml water + 3 scoops of Vanilla Huel + 1 teaspoon of banana flavour… blended in this for 5 seconds…

It’s quicker than shaking by hand for 30 seconds and it’s super smooth!

… not sure why the image is on its side?!?

Isn’t that a 600ml bottle though? I bet it gets quite full in there after adding 500ml water and 3 scoops. I take it it all mixes ok?

Just fits!

When you put the top on, you just need to give it a single firm shake before blending, otherwise the blender just moves the powder around without mixing with the water.

Nice and smooth

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Hmm, thanks. I thought that might be a problem. It’s a great little mixer but I’d want 750ml+ or 1l preferably. Shame really.

I’ve got a ninja blender that mixes four scoops and 750ml in 2 seconds :stuck_out_tongue: