How to deal with the messiness of Huel mixing?

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I’m a very long time user of Huel (since 2014 or so?) and still drink it almost daily, I’m a big fan of the product. One thing that I’ve found annoying is the messiness of mixing it in my shaker in the mornings. Now this is a small gripe and may seem nit-picky, but it’s something I’ve done almost every day for years, so I’m looking for suggestions for improvement.

Right now whenever I mix Huel, I end up with some powder lying on my kitchen counter:

  • The powder sticks to my hand when I put it inside the bag then scatters off
  • The powder also sticks to the outside of the scoop and then scatters off
  • The mouth of the shaker is a bit small relative to the size of the scoop, so it requires some care to make sure that none of the powder from the scoop ends up falling down the side of the shaker, and once in a while some inevitably does

Right now I’m using all the Huel-provided items: the original bag the powder came in, and the Huel-branded scoop and shaker. If anyone’s had any luck with third party items to make things a bit cleaner, I’m all ears!

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Try using a long handled steel measuring scoop/spoon and don’t store it in the bag. Steel does not get static build up like plastic so the powder won’t stick to it.


I you use your own spoons: How do you make sure that you get exactly the same amount as with the standard scoops from Huel?

use your initiative/a measuring scoop. Difficult it is not.

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Great idea! I just ordered one that looks like it’s intended for ground coffee powder, will report back.


I have a small kitchen scale (digital) that I put my shaker on as I dump the powder into it, and target roughly 100-125g.

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I don’t do this myself, but…I heard someone suggest something genius for this.

Take the large black section of your shaker, remove the cap, turn it upside down and put the spout inside the white bottom section. With the sliiightly wider opening it (apparently) makes it a little easier to precisely upturn the scoop into this makeshift funnel. I guess this wouldn’t work if the shaker was still a little wet as Huel would stick to it.

Let us know if that helps!


Using a stainless steel jam funnel helps too. As does flicking any Huel powder off the inside of the bag before scooping. After scooping, press the full scoop against the inside of the bag to compress it a little before transferring to the shaker.
PS I use the supplied scoop but always weigh my Huel too.



I use this wide mouth Kilner one which fits perfectly into the Breville Blend Active bottle, and I put both on a scale to weigh out the water & Huel.


I was going to suggest a Jam funnel too! Nice and wide to catch even the most persistent crumbs of Huel powder from landing on your worktop!


That’s the one I have @grndkntrl


Now that’s a good idea… I’ll order one of those. Cheers!

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Ah, it was actually you that recommended it! Nice one, it has been an issue but I’ve just been wiping my worktops like a cretin.

Thank you for the tip @Bee !!


I took my shaker out with me and I drank my Huel and wanted to make another shake for later on that same day. I put my powder in with a bottle of water but it all stuck to the shaker and left a mess. I think im going to stick to RTD or bars while out in future.

Just started today using Huel, have seen the other posts regarding loss of product when transferring to shaker @grndkntrl just followed the link to get the Jam funnel and ordered cheers.

So my husband was getting annoyed by me often leaving Huel dust on our counter, and honestly the easiest solution I have come up with is to put my shaker in the sink! I fill it with water, stand it in the empty sink and then add the powder from the bag using the normal scoop. Any powder that does get dropped goes into the sink and I can brush any off my hands/the shaker too and then rinse out the sink when I am done.


Hi @lil_giraffe welcome. Why does your husband get annoyed? Does he do all the cleaning up?

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I lick the counter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not at all, it was more of a joke than him actually being annoyed! But after he mentioned it to me I started noticing it and then it annoyed me (ha!), so I started making it in the sink for easier clean up :smiley:

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Thanks for the all the ideas everyone! I’ve tried ordering (and returning) a couple different ‘long handled spoons’ but all of them either had handles that were too short, or a spoon that is too large. I’ve settled on one with a larger spoon and I’m going to try the steel jam funnel out with it. Hopefully the two work well together!