Huel v1.2 available

Hi Huelers,

Following the change over from Huel version v1.2 to Huel v2.0, we had some extra pouches of Huel left over. These are all in excellent condition with no faults, just obviously they’re an older version from the current v2.0.

So if you would like any, we have listed them on the website where they will be available for a limited time. We don’t have that many pouches of Huel v1.2 left, so I can’t say how long they will last.

You can view Huel v1.2 on this page:

Do you know when the v2.1 content will be live?

Ill order 112 meals of v1.2 but only once I see v2.1.


It will be out in October as Julian says, but I don’t have a specific date for it I’m sorry to say.

Ok mate thanks

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Darn, I just ordered 4 bags of UU 2.0.

How many of these bags do you have, and what’s the expiration?

Edit: To hell with this. 16 bags ordered immediately.

If there’s more of this available once it’s delivered, I have more of a check on my purchase impulses and I see the expiration dates aaaand maybe get to test the batch… more.


I just received two of v2 UU… and 2.1 is out soon as well! arghh! =]

ordered!!! :slight_smile:

Fastest £270 I’ve ever spent.

Edit: Make that £405! (I hate the new consistency, even when I’ve shaken it hard and long enough to get most of the lumps out)


Haha I’m trying so hard to resist. I think I have a good 4 months supply in the garage already.
I will be cutting it close with use by dates. Plus I think I actually want to see what V2.1 is like :laughing:

Just ordered some more!!
Edit: may be back again, having to face the new consistency is a good motivation to spend money :frowning:

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8 bags ordered arrrrrggghhh… :joy:
Rude not too at £1 a shake.

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Three orders in for 8 bags apiece now. Once I’m down to four bags I’ll order 2.1 and have some to blend it out with.

Bring me the watery stuff!

Gulliver was nice enough to cancel my 2.0 order. Well after hours, and quick as you can. Stellar service, much appreciated.

Ordered a stop-gap order to keep me going whilst I wait for v2.1!! :slight_smile:

My current stash. 1.2 forever!

Or, you know, until I run out…


I just ordered a load of this and had 1.2 again just now. The difference in incredible and a million times better than v2.

v1.2 is where it should be at, going from 1.2 to 2 was annoying but going from 2 to v1.2 is like chalk and cheese.

v2 is ghastly by comparison. I don’t care about the survey, maybe you should do a v2 thin or something, v1.2 is so so much better.

I hope v2.1 addresses these obvious issues. v2 isnt right at all. It was a step backwards, and I am not talking salt etc I am talking about the thickness and texture of it.


I ordered some of the v1.2, and I also have the v2.0, I will eat a different version every other day, and I agree with you, version 1.2 has a better texture.

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8 more bags ordered. I’m at 32 now. I’m going to cry when this runs out.


Make that 40 bags. I’m good until March, I think.

If you have more of the pre-gum available then, let me know. I’ll buy a small pallet.

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Did I just see your website say that there had been six 8bag orders in the last 24 hours of 1.2 UU? Or does it take into account what type you select?

Please make this permanent.

The notification that says how many have purchased in the past 2-24hours is just people purchasing the product you are viewing. It doesn’t consider which bundle people have bought. It could have been 6 x 8 bag orders, or it could have been 6 x 2 bag orders.

I assume you don’t mean make the notification permanent, but rather you would like v1.2 to be a permanent product?