V2.1 vs. v1.2

I notice v1.2 is still on sale and a bit cheaper.
Whats the difference between v1.2 and v2.1 ?

Quite a few changes:

Thank you.

UU 2.0 is also considerably thicker.

1.2 is still available? Gotta check that out.

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I wouldn’t go buying too much. I think the cut of date for V1.2 is around June in terms of use by dates; I have enough to last me until then.

Oh, I know, I just thought they didn’t have any more 1.2

I’ve already bought over 50 bags so far. 8 more can’t hurt, they’ll run out before June.

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Just ordered some more V1.2 myself, dreading the day the supply runs out :frowning:

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If you’re looking for a replacement, Nano is out, Pulve was… so so, and also quite thick. Joylent is basically malto, so that’s out. Ambronite costs about as much as cocaine, but was ok. Powdery, and tastes like a mix of dried berry powders, but very nice once it gets to work inside of you.

Try Nutberg. Free shipping, and damn fast delivery. It’s like drinking sand and it tastes like algae, but I think I’ll be ok once my Huel runs out. Very filling. Basically 80% nuts though, so eh… don’t be allergic :slight_smile:

Still working through European alternatives. So much malto, so little protein…