How many huels per day

For 100% daily nutrition?

3 or 4 huels?

I want to get 100%nutrition from two huels… So I will need to add extra powder in each drink

I think 2 huels per day for 100% nutrition is not possible, you will need to add so much powder that they would be super thick or you will need a bigger shaker.

My advice is: first you need to know how many kcal you need to consume according to your weight and height Calorie Calculator

Then just look at kcal/grams on your huel product, usually is 400kcal per 100 grams.

So, for example, if you need to consume 2000kcal per day you will need 500 grams.

You can make 5 shakers of 100 grams or 4 shakers of 125, as you want, 2 shakers of 250 grams would be crazy!

If you want to go 100% remember to star slowly, first week 1 huel per day, next week 2 huels per day, etc. And drink it slowly to let your body get used to it.

If i had to go 100% I’d do either 5 shakes or 4. I’d try 5 first.

Trying to push that many calories into your system is venturing towards OMAD (One Meal A Day) territory. Not something I’ve done myself, I use intermittent fasting so have 7 hour window in which to take in calories.

Is there a specific purpose or timing issue for it to be done in two drinks or could you just make up three standard drinks then 8 hours later (or whatever) make up two standard drinks and just chug them down.

There are other weapons in your arsenal when using Huel. When I first started on a 100% Huel diet I was supplementing calories by having a bar with every drink. Three drinks + 3 bars = 1800 calories.

It’s even easier now as you could use Hot & Savoury for an easy extra 400 calories halfway and then just double up on the powder for the drinks either side of that.

There’s a lot of flexibility in how it can be done but without understanding your timings/specific goals it’s a bit tricky to make suggestions.

I’m in the middle of scaling back up to 100% Huel at the moment as it happens and aiming for 1800 calories a day so I’m doing a breakfast shake, H&S for lunch, a mid afternoon shake and then finding 600 calories of standard food on the evenings. Pretty soon that will change to a shake and a bar in the evenings.

But despite having done 100% Huel several times for months on end before I still scale it up gradually, gives my stomach time to readjust and also relearn the fact that initially I will think I feel hungry even though I’m not! The mind plays lots of tricks on us!

Oh and loads of water, fibre content of Huel requires extra hydration and somewhat counterintuitively, I add salt to my chocolate Huel because it has a low sodium content, heh, might help stop some cravings.

Come back to us with a bit more info and I’m sure loads of folks will try to give you a hand.

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It depends on how many calories one shake has - that is how many scoops you use and whether you add something that gives additional calories. You also have to count calories from normal drinks. In total this should be around 2000 kcal a day on average; if you want to know your needs exactly you have to use a calorie calculator, there are lots of them on the internet.

If you only have Huel and water and prepare it in the recommended way with 400 kcal per shake you would need 5 shakes daily, approximately (unless your weight or activity levels are far away from average).

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Yup. @mbs speaks truth. I’m now fully huel again for a month or so, 3 shakes, 1 H&S and a bar every day. I don’t need to lose any weight although I’d love to reconstitute some body fat % into muscle instead, which is one of the things I now use Huel for. With protein powders which, after a diet of huel, are all disgusting. Just mentioning.