4 scoops 1 drink?

I’m back to Huel after using it successfully to bulk just over a year ago. I now work in the emergency services and I’m eating crap/not enough every shift. So I’m back to huel for bulking, alongside normal food. I last used huel with v2.3 and the old scoop.

My question - I’m currently mixing with water (I used to use milk to make up the cals). The book recommends 4x2 scoop drinks per day. I want to consolidate this down to 2 drinks per day, with 4 scoops in each. Is this a good idea? Possible to fit in the bottle? I want to do this as it fits in with my hectic shifts easier.

I split 14 scoops between 3 drinks so there is just over 4 in each scoop. Should be okay :slight_smile:

Perfect. What do you mix with and how much?

I will tend to put in about 1000ml of water in a blender, with a couple handfuls of icecubes, 14 scoops then blend, split it between 3 shakers, then add water back to the blender(an indiscriminate amount) to get whats stuck the the side and top up into the shaker, then shake it up and boom, shakes done. They’re a little runnier than i’m used to, currently working on the process to get the consistency i want :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t use a blender or anything like that - just shaking the bottle.

I find it will just about accommodate 3 scoops (with 500ml of water), I’m not sure it will work with 4 scoops (and presumably more water).

I feel people are underestimating how much can fit in a shaker D: