Huel as a Smoothie?

I am considering purchasing Huel.
Wanted to find out if it is ok to blend the Huel powder in my Nutribullet blender with frozen fruit, almond or rice milk and some other fruit (room temperature)?
Has anyone tried this…?
Thanks for your responses in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Sarah, I tried this when I first started using Huel (I have the vanilla). I tried it with strawberries and also melon but I didn’t find it very nice as I think Huel tastes fine on its own and so does fruit for that matter. I may try again with some different fruits as it may be a case of trial and error. Also it may be different with the unsweetened version.
Let us know if you get better results!

Linzi x

I’ve seen almond milk mentioned pretty often, so that might work well. Everyone goes through a period of experimentation when starting in on Huel. Be it taste, temperature, volume, thickness, how long you store it before you drink, you’ll eventually find your way.

Don’t forget to add up the extra calories from the milk if you base on that. It’ll work, but doing a full 2k calories of Huel and inadvertedly ending up doing GOMAD on the side might have… side effects.

I can recommend banana and almond or hemp milk which makes a lovely creamy drink. But most of the time nowadays I just stick with Huel, water and one of the Huel pouch flavours. It’s good to experiment though!

I blend mine with a bit of frozen berries and a squeeze of lemon juice. I find the lemon juice to be the secret weapon to really rounding the flavours out, otherwise it’s just a flat sweetness and not as nice.

I always use 50% of my liquid as almond or oat milk and the other 50% as water. works well for me.

I often blend it with frozen fruit in the evening, then leave it in the fridge overnight. Tastes great!

Absolutely! It really mixes up the flavour and gives you a whole world of new options. Obviously the macro-nutrient split won’t be as optimal as Huel but you can still benefit from the added nutrients.

I expect there are some more great flavour suggestions on this thread, have a look through! How do you flavour your Huel?

Welcome to the forum and to Huel. Let us know if you have any questions.

Just a note of caution here, if you are adding lemon juice to all of your drinks and having several of them a day it’s good to be aware that lemon juice is acidic and can cause your tooth enamel to wear away.

It’s better to avoid brushing your teeth straight after an acidic drink (leave it about an hour), so you are not brushing the enamel when it is still soft from the acid.

It’s also good to cut down the number of drinks you have lemon juice in, as it is the frequency of acid attacks that matter for teeth, rather than the quantity eg of lemon juice! (Source: I’m a dentist)