Blending Huel with frozen fruit - good thing or bad thing?

So completely new to Huel, first day today, introducing gradually with the aim being twice/day most days and the occasional all day if there is no-one at home to cook for. Might be a daft question but just wondering if there are any disadvantages to blending Huel with frozen fruit for breakfast.

The only ‘disadvantage’ are their are extra calories in frozen fruit, as well as some natural sugars. Oh, and it will take a little bit longer to prepare your Huel than just using a shaker.

Keep those in mind and I can’t think of any others!

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Blueberries go rather well with vanilla Huel, but I’ve not tried frozen blueberries.

The addition of fruit to anyone’s diet can only be a good thing (unless you’re trying to lose weight, in which case, moderation is key)

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Depending on the fruit it could leave the drink more acidic. If done regularly this is bad for your teeth, just as eating too much acidic fruit is bad for your teeth.

When I used to drink a lot of smoothies, I used to drink them through a straw to protect my teeth.

I tried Huel with Waitrose LoveLife tropical smoothie mix today and tasted great!

I use a blender with frozen fruits. Just a handfull (about 50-60 gram) for one meal. I think all supermarkets in Germany (even ALDI and LIDL) habe a variety of frozen fruits. Unmixed (strawberries, Blueberries) or mixed (more local with European fruits and “Tropical” versions).

The taste is better (I use wit with Vanilla huel) and it’s some extra vitamines.

I find that I get more of a tired sugar crash before lunch when I’ve add fruit in my breakfast Huel.

I always add some frozen fruit, and mix in my nutri-bullet. Cherries are worth a try.

I find that if I blend frozen fruit straight from the freezer the Huel doesn’t mix as well as when I run the run the fruit under some warm water to get rid of the ice first. Just a thought.

You could probably do with a better blender. A nutri bullet will barely notice frozen berries.

That said, I had no wear issues with our blender until I started Huel. The fine powder gets into the bearings & kills the blades with prolonged use - I get about six months; fortunately they’re under a tenner to replace.