Odd Effect of fresh fruit on Huel?

So I’ve noticed something odd in my Huel the last couple of days (3 shakes) and the only thing I can put it down to is the presence of fresh fruit (I usually use frozen)

Each of these three shakes have all turned into a really thick gloop - almost as though someone added gelatin to the drink and let it set - to the point that it was impossible to drink it without adding a bit more water and giving it a good stir.

Here’s what I used each time:

Yesterday breakfast:

100g fresh blueberries
30g chopped carrot
75g Huel (~ 2 scoops)
600-650 ml water

Yesterday Dinner:

100g fresh strawberries
50g fresh blueberries
75g Huel
600-650 ml water

Today breakfast:

75g fresh blueberries
75g Huel (~ 2 scoops)
600-650 ml water

Each time I’ve blitzed it with the hand blender just like I do with frozen fruit, managed to drink a little bit, and before I’ve had any more it’s congealed into a thick, wobbly but largely unmoving mass - which seems very unusual for only 75g of Huel.
Has anyone else ever found this to happen?

Do you drink them immediately or leave them in the fridge for some time/overnight?

Well, fruits usually make a smoothie consisently so I suppose combined with Huel that also acts as a thickener, this sounds reasonable to me. I haven’t tried it myself though. More water as you said should do the trick :slight_smile:

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these ones I’ve drunk immediately - well, tried. a couple of sips in it kind of stopped working :p. I’m just surprised there seems to be such a big difference in the behaviour of fresh fruit as opposed to frozen

That’s weird. I add fresh fruit regularly (banana and grapes mostly). Yes they give more consistency but still perfectly fluid. I use and electric blender, but don’t think it’s the point. How do you blend it? Putting everything together? I usually blend the fruit with some water first, then add Huel.

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I’ve had this happen a couple of times. Yesterday I made a regular 3 scoop vanilla made up with half water, half almond milk, and added some lemon food flavouring extract and a small handful of (out of date) flaked almonds. It went gloopy like blancmange. Didn’t think I would be able to drink it, but I can’t stand throwing food away, so I closed my eyes and it was actually fine. The previous time it happened I mixed Solo and Huel together and it did the same thing. I wondered if two different thickening agents were combining to produce the gloopiness. The almond milk has locust bean gum and gellan gum, while Huel has xanthan gum and guar gum.

Hmm… I use different plant based milks in my huel… And despite always using 100g huel and 250ml water and 250ml plant milk it is sometimes thicker…i’ve not actually considered it may be the thickener in the milk.

I have also tried Huel and Solo and yes it is much thicker.

I’m not just talking thickness though, on both occasions the huel didn’t just thicken, it turned into a set jelly kind of consistency - I could turn the shaker upside down and it wouldn’t even start to fall out

This is really odd. Can we get scientific here? What if you make both meals exactly the same, but the only difference being that the ingredients you add are frozen? Would be interested to see!

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I just made my first “Bounty” Huel, and got the thick blancmange consistency again.

400ml water
100ml alpro soya (chilled original)
3 scoops Huel
3 tbs Tiana coconut flour (out of date July 2014!!!)
3 tsp green & blacks cocoa
2 natvia stevia tablets.

The soya milk has the gellan gum that I was already suspicious of, so will experiment further, using jut water, and again using a different plant milk that doesn’t have gellan gum.

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Ohhh @Wendy_Shepherd that sounds AMAZING! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: ( the recipe not the consistency lol :see_no_evil:)

How odd, I’ve never had this happen myself. I make smoothie bowls with it too, with fresh and frozen :slight_smile:

I really think it’s the gellan gum combining with the guar gum. Don’t know why some people get it with frozen fruit, unless it’s just a sort of frozen smoothie effect.

It could be the pectin from the blueberries. Turns my smoothies into jelly every time.