Huel shake vs blend

Just over a week of using Huel and am hooked.

There’s been some discussion on Reddit about RTDand shaken. I’ve only had 2 RTD and although nice and smooth. At £3.50 a time and a plastic bottle that’s not something I’ll be doing again.

This morning I blended 4 scoops of original with a litre of cold water. A fair bit smoother than shaking and leaving overnight but nothing like ready made. I wonder if they strain it? More like it’s the industrial blender and what have you.

After testing that I put in about 200g of frozen blueberries and zipped it up again. Glorious.

I now have 8 different bags of frozen fruit in next week’s Sainsbury’s order!

I may stick with the blender method now as long as myself and wife are going to have the same breakfast.

Next stop. Fresh fruit.

industrial blenders and different ingredients including more fats. frozen fruits added to the blender definitely help smooth things out for sure.

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Welcome to the forum, Ian! Haha we do get quite a few here who are confused how RTD is so much smoother than powdered Huel. Essentially, as Phil has said, the ingredients are different to allow for this (e.g. tapioca starch, not oats) and it is made using industrial equipment.

They are different products for different use-cases. Powder is not trying to be RTD and visa versa!

However, so pleased that this has lead to discovering blending Huel with frozen fruit! Indeed, “glorious”! Let us know which other combos you try!

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Update 10 July

Frozen strawberries into Original in a blender (making for 2 of us) and fridged overnight. Couldn’t really taste the strawberries so we’ll use them for something else.

Tonight/tomorrow Black Forest Fruits.


Update 15 Jul. Black Forest Fruits. Couldn’t taste them, strawberries - zip as well. The top drawer in my freezer is now full of half empty bags of frozen fruit.

The only fruits we’ve been able to taste are blueberries. And then I have to put about half a bag in :unamused:

But we now have a bag of Black salted caramel.
Its our new favourite - a game changer. And my subscription will be changing.

Black feels smoother and less ‘bitty’ and certainly is very filling. Not hungry (or just a bit by lunchtime) so will be sticking with Black now.

Well impressed.

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Here we go! Nice one, all about finding your favourites! So glad you’re loving black edition.

Now just to start drinking loads of smoothies too to get through your frozen fruit collection!