Thought I better say hello

I’ve been using Huel for a few weeks now, just received my second order of the 2 week pack.

I’m using Huel for breakfast and lunch mainly, I do have a few 100% days, but I’m finding it hard with the ‘mental’ aspect of being 100% all the time… I still like food!

I use a blender and 550ml of filtered water to make mine up, and I’m currently using 3 scoops per serving.

I also add either honey, cinnamon, chocolate or strawberry milkshake powder to flavour it sometimes.

So far it’s been an interesting and enjoyable experience, the only other downside apart from my mental block is I’m finding I don’t drink as much water (usually 4 litres a day)… but I’m working on that!

so there we are… that’s me… lol :laughing:


@cueball Thanks for posting! Sounds like you are getting on really well! It is harder for some to make the adjustment from traditional forms of food to Huel, but I’m sure it will become more normal!

Hi @cueball - that’s the same receipe as me (about 550ml and three scoops). I’ve also used milkshake powder to flavour, but I haven’t tried cinnamon or honey. Must give that a go next time. :smile:

Cinnamon is a really underused ‘superfood’ in my opinion… it’s really good for you.

I use 2 teaspoons in my breakfast shake… :wink: