Huel Guffs

Good point!

It looks like the main ingredient of the Beano is alpha-galactosidase enzyme.

There’s a cheaper alpha-galactosidase enzyme supplement on Amazon called Enzymedica Bean Assist (Vegan & Kosher, 30 Capsules) which also looks like it’s got less other rubbish in too.

Any one going to try it? I don’t have any Huel left and am reluctant to buy any more on the off chance.

That alternative one sounds like good idea cost-wise. It’s the main active ingredient that matters after all. Not the brand.

Oops! Am I allowed to say that? I don’t want to get the thread locked ;¬)

just wanted to say I’ve been on Huel for a few weeks (100% most days after an initial few days of 1 or 2 meals) and no wind problems for me (whereas a curry is a guaranteed typhoon). I’ve been veggie 24 years (the first 8 of those I was vegan), dunno if that’s relevant.

I’ve noticed since my most recent order my farts are terrible

Did you change from gluten to gluten free or anything like that?

No everything the same

OK so yesterday and today I have tried Bean assist tablets as has been recommended. I think there is a marginal improvement tbh. Its early days but there is a glimmer of hope for us (or rather for our suffering wives!)

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The guffs are getting worse…every evening for a week now…today my wife made me break out the air freshener!
it’s definitely not pleasant, will have to figure out a work around cos I have had to run away from the scene of the crime to make sure I didn’t put myself to sleep.

On a serious note, mine are so bad that it’s the only reason I am likely to stop using Huel, which is a real shame because it’s perfect in every other aspect.

I’m trying activated charcoal tablets but I haven’t noticed any improvement.

Just when you think you have found the answer to all your prayers a new problem arises!

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Try the bean assist Steve. I was in the same boat as you. I think huel is brilliant but the farts every evening were far past the joke. Smell, volume and the feeling of constantly needing to let rip was ruining my evenings and sex life!
It’s early days with bean assist but moth nights I’ve taken it have been positive.

TL;DR: It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

I have recently learned that flaxseed is known to cause flatulence

Coincidentally, flaxseed is the number 3 ingredient in Huel.

If you believe meal replacements in general are a good thing for you, @Steve_Butler, why does it have to be so fatalistic as, “It’s Huel’s Way Or The Highway”. Why not try being open-minded instead?

There is at least on other non-Huel meal replacement option that contains a lot less flaxseed than Huel does.

For example, the one MRP option that Huel discusses in their sticky, places flaxseed as their 8th ingredient (at only 5% of the total per serving).

I appreciate that people nurture their relationships with a particular brand of food for all kinds of reasons. Some of those reasons may even be rational.

But me personally, I believe that a person’s self-preservation, their physical health and their marital health should be a higher priority over brand loyalty.

The thing people should bear in mind is, when it comes to their individual nutrition needs, no single brand or manufacturer can guarantee a one-size-fits-all solution for every individual consumer’s needs.

I for one believe it is to the consumers’ advantage that competing products exist so that individuals have a wider choice of options to meet their specific needs.

@Cris’s wise choice of opting for the cheaper Bean Assist is an excellent case in point.

Like @Cris did, a prudent person would weigh up the caveats and trade-offs that they would typically expect whenever they’re presented with competing options. Then like @Cris did with Bean Assist versus the more expensive Beano, they would go with the option that best meets their specific criteria. That criteria might be lower cost for some people, or it might be marriage longevity for somebody else.

The long and short of it is, having more than one option to choose from is a good thing.

It’s a good point regarding brand loyalty. I have zero brand loyalty, if I get a better alternative I’ll take it. That said I’m sticking with Huel for now.

The bean assist isn’t actually much cheaper. You get 30 tablets for £8. Beano is £18 for 150(I think) but you need at least 2 per dose. So similar in costings. But taking an £8 punt is better than a £18 punt.

Leaves a cloud of noctious gas and causally walks away…

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So another thing that’d be interesting to try would be epazote, a herb used in Mexican cooking: one of its uses is to ameliorate the “effects” of beans. The one thing I’m a bit unsure about is continuous use: it is toxic in “large” quantities — these must be very large amounts though given how widely it’s been used in cooking over the last few millenia. Only information I can find is that overdoses of the essential oil are bad, while it’s normal for someone to use a tablespoon of the stuff for every tin or two of beans.

I’m going to try some Bean Assist Cris. This activated charcoal clearly isn’t working. It was worse than ever tonight!

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how are you doing with the bean assist?

It’s working for me. Not completely cleared the farting but rather than spending the entire evening farting I’ll just drop a few. They still reek but it’s at a manageable level now.

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Mine are less frequent without having taken anything…maybe my body is adjusting? the few that make it out into the open are a force to be reckoned with! There is a can of dettol spray ready at all times!

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It didn’t work for me, made no noticeable difference. I’ve had to cut right down on my Huel intake. I only have it for breakfast and the odd meal replacement when I’m in a hurry. I’m back to normal again now, no more stinky guffs.