Myprotein copy of Huel is not cheaper but is certainly inferior in terms of ingredients and nutritional profile

Myprotein have launched an inferior copy. I would like to point out that it’s not cheaper than Huel if you buy with a comparable delivery service. But it is certainly inferior in terms of ingredients and nutritional profile.

Huel is from as little as £10.60/KG
(£148.50 for 112 meals / with free DPD next day delivery)

Myprotein Whole Fuel costs = £10.60/KG
(5kg for £47.99 (largest size) with DPD next day delivery at £4.99)

But you are not getting a compatible product…

Here are some issues with the myprotein version…

  1. Contains fluoride (looks like they copied our formula at the wrong time)
  2. The common feedback is that it tastes very, very sweet and artifical
  3. Contains rice syrup which is basically sugar - and is known to contain arsenic -
  4. Their manganese suspiciously low considering it’s 41% oats, plus they add extra manganese in the vit blend
  5. 400%+ more sugar than Huel
  6. No MCTs
  7. Unlikely that their omega 3 to 6 ratio will be as good as Huel’s
  8. They don’t state the type of calcium used as their main added ingredient, only the type used as a carrier; it may not be a very bioavilable source
  9. No beneficial phytonutrients Lycopene and Lutein
  10. Low iron level - which with low levels of vitamin C and relatively high levels of calcium, could be a potential health issue, especially for women.
  11. Just says Vitamin K, Huel contains K2 & K1
  12. They use Folic Acid we use the superior L-methylfolate Calcium (1,000 times more expensive than folic acid)
  13. There are questions regarding the fatty acid profile, specifically if there is enough alpha linolenic acid (ALA) to convert to sufficient amounts of the conditionally essential fatty acids 14. DHA and EPA. Huel does have enough -
  14. Doesn’t include as much vitamin C or D as Huel, and their levels are only slightly higher than the RDA; more up-to-date research suggests that the RDAs for both of these vitamins are too low which is why Huel contains higher amounts.
  15. “May also contain soy and egg.” their words not mine