Whole Fuel vs Huel

Huel hands down, tried the other, horrible stuff!

Definitely Huel

In the opinion of some people here on the forum, Whole Fuel is a straight rip-off of Huel 2.0. Ingredients, ratios, the whole shebang.

I found that Whole Fuel didn’t give me the terrible wind issues I have with Huel.

But is it correct to say Whole Fuel is a complete food replacement?

Speaking to My Protein, they don’t recommend it as something to use for 100% of your calories, purely to use to replace a couple of meals a day. Doesn’t fill me with confidence that its as nutritionally sound as Huel.

To be fair; every Complete Food maker says something along the lines of…

Whilst X isn’t designed to replace every meal, it can replace any meal.

…because the long term science isn’t in yet. We’re all experimenting with ourselves.

I’ll much happier buy Huel over myprotein though.

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This came up when Whole Fuel was released. Here’s the locked post on that. Short version, it’s literally a Huel copy.

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Just ordered a second 10kg order after I got through the first 7.5kg. I’ll be staying with this and will not be ordering any more Huel until the recipe is changed to mix properly again. 1.1 and 2.0 were fine, 2.2 is extremely lumpy.

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I actually prefer the Chocolate Whole Fuel in taste and texture to Huel. I also don’t get the horrible heartburn Huel always gives me, strangely.

However, I dislike the fact it contains Fluoride. Definitely unnecessary.

So did most of us when Huel introduced it :slight_smile: