Rotten egg farts

Hi. Apologies for the blunt title, but I’m just going to dive right in with my experiences, so this might be a little graphic :slight_smile:.

First off, I have IBS. This manifests itself in cramping, diarrhea and flatulence. I’ve tried cutting out various foods but have never been able to identify what (if anything) causes it, so I just live with it now. It’s not so bad, movements are almost always regular and bad cramping only occurs maybe once a fortnight, if that.

I’ve been trying Huel almost once a day now for about 3-4 weeks. After the first couple of days I got some weird intestinal pain one night, but that hasn’t happened again and for the first week things were going pretty great. I don’t mind the taste (unsweetened) and obviously it’s great to have something healthy that doesn’t take any effort. I even managed a lump free helping last night (no idea how!) and it was awesome.

But after a little while I started noticing my flatulence getting worse. I am used to getting it pretty badly :slight_smile:, but this is on a different level to what I usually experience. I’m talking really rancid rotten egg stink bombs. Really very bad. I have tried persisting, hoping my body would get used to it, but no such luck. I think I’m going to have to try going down to 2-3 times a week and see if that helps.

My question is, does anyone else experience this? And does anyone know what it might be that’s causing it? I thought maybe the pea protein perhaps? Or maybe just the high levels of fibre with the flax seeds? The problem with both of these theories is that I eat peas and don’t have the same reaction, and I used to ground up flax seeds in porridge until I lost patience with it, and again, never noticed a reaction like this.

Any ideas/advice anyone? Or anyone have a similar experience?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Usually I get far fewer farts when drinking Huel. I tend to fart more when I’ve eaten normal solid food.

Occasionally I have had the kind of farts you describe though. Not too often, though, thankfully.

You could try taking a high strength probiotic and/or digestive enzyme complex.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yeah I do already take high strength probiotics off and on (currently taking VSL 3). Digestive enzymes is a good idea, might have a read on the Internet to gauge whether they actually work :), or which ones to take.

VSL#3 are the nuclear option I’ve found. Opted to go with optibac every day with S-boulardii. Much kinder to me.

I’ve only ever used VSL#3 effectively following antibiotics. I never felt good using them as a daily thing.

Also can’t quote… Cold hands!!

I had this problem.

Had bad farts before Huel but they went off the scale after a few weeks of going 80/100% Huel.

My Mrs had enough and made my stop the Huel.

After stopping Huel and taking Super 8 Microbiotics (probiotics) it went back to normal after a week or so.

Have you tried probiotics or anything like that?

I had that whilst using the vanilla, but I put it down to the pro-biotic I was taking. it could be the body clearing away old debris inside. maybe unflavoured is better for you

Just started with Huel, vanilla flavour, replacing lunch. Had a couple of days in a row a week ago and there was definitely a change in what I was producing! On day 2 in a row again and in the same situation. Will try and stick it out for a few more days to see if it fades.

Don’t take probiotics, to be honest it’s something I’ve never even considered. Started on Huel as an easy and complete solution for lunches while busy.

So glad this thread exists because I’ve been having the same problem. It has gotten slightly better over time, I’ve been on Huel since Feb. But I don’t understand what’s causing the problem?

It hasn’t put me off using Huel but my partner certainly likes me a lot less because of it!

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I’m glad this particular thread exists. I can say, with certainty that Huel has given me the worst gas, ever. I’m not complaining, because I’m a very strange person, I actually like to fart. These ones though, could peel the paint off of the walls, and I just sit there and wallow in them. My wife stays far away from me now which is both good and bad. When out in public, I’ll drop one, then walk away and enjoy the looks on people’s faces as they stumble through the cloud, it’s hilarious. Thanks Huel.


This is really common. Consider the farts of you dog or cat. Rank, aren’t they?
Many people ascribe this to the fact they are carnivores, but I suspect it has more to do with the fact that we tend to feed our pets a nutritionally complete diet, calculated in a similar manner to Huel.

Its quite unusual for any living creature to get a perfectly (or close to perfectly) nutritionally complete diet and so the body does take some time to get used to it. It generally settles down a little bit once your body is more used to it. I suspect the efficiency of the diet causes a higher production of waste-gas than in other diets, but I just don’t know!

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Wouldnt it be the opposite? Unhealthy diet = foul smelling waste?

Anyone found a cure for the huel farts?

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I happen to have the same problem, and I am lactose intolerant and by drinking milk I would get the same reaction (but Huel is Vegan, so it should not be an issue, right?).
I didn’t notice it too much with my first 2 packages of Huel, but it seems like with the third one it became much worse (they are all V 2.2). I’ve always had at most 3 scoops of Huel per day (at once), usually not so regularly.
I’m curious to see if the 4th one (that came together with the 3rd one) has the same effect or if this is bag-dependent (and that would be rather bad).

Could it be the higher amounts of protein?

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