Too much fibre for me? Bad wind?

I’ve tried Huel on two separate occasions. Both times I had to bail due to bad wind and pungent gas.

First time I went all in quite quickly. The second time I just had one shake a day, but the wind still came on pretty quickly and never went away before the bag finished. I wasn’t allowed to order it again due to my family suffering too much.

Recently, (few months after Huel) I tried adding some Fybogel Hi-Fibre sachets (contains ispaghula husk BP 3.5mg in an orange flavoured base) to my diet in a bid to help keep things regular and I noticed a return of the bad wind problems I had on Huel. It was nothing as bad but it seemed to irritate my gut or digestive system in a similar way

I assumed it was the high protein in the Huel that caused the problems. But maybe it was too much fibre (for me)?

Do you think that could be it? If so, is there anything that could help me overcome my problems from too much fibre? Or test that it is the cause of the issues?

I’d really love to be able to use Huel as I loved the convenience and time-saving properties of the grey stuff. But the wind was just too much for me.

Now I just have a table spoon of chia seeds in my food (usually oats) every day and that seems to help keep me regular without any of the side effects of Huel or the Fybogel.

Any tips or advice?

I do find that after a period of not using Huel, then starting up again, my wind can be worse. It then settles down after a few days. How long were you have 1 shake per day for?

I think everyone is different and some may not have the same problems, but it certainly is to do with the increased fibre. I just go with it, but yours is probably worse. I’m sure some people here can give you some suggestions to help you out. What is it about the chia seeds that helps?

Thanks Tim.

It was a good few weeks. It got too much in the end so when the bags finished I didn’t order any more.

Chai seeds appear to have 34 g Dietary fiber per 100g.

I’m not sure if its a different type of fiber than Huel?

Huel only appears to have 7g of fibre per 100g:

I still think it could also be the high protein content of Huel.

Who knows…

Have you tried the gluten free version ? It might be worth adding it to the list of experiments.

I used to suffer from poisonous Huel wind but have found that having a couple of Loperamide pills during the week seems to solve the problem

I know this isn’t a scientific approach, but it works for me :grin:

Carry a lighter in your pocket and practice igniting it when you think deeply.

Also do this after you’ve farted. It works, the gases in a fart react to a flame and smell less. Don’t be dumb and fart on a flame but a few seconds after it works.


Yes, my second attempt was on the gluten-free. Made no difference!

Thanks, will look int that.

The lighter thing is legit, but doesn’t really work in an office! However, I recommend every single person keep a box of matches in their bathroom =]

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