Wind of change - low fibre version anytime soon?

Hi there fellow Huelians,

Like many, I LOVE this pretty little powdery mass of good nutritionals. Like many, though, come evening time I turn into a fiery dragon spitting fire from the wrong end. It’s not as cool as it sounds in fairy tales, I’ll tell you that much.

My diet is normally quite balanced, I’m Italian so I’m used to eat simple, fresh, non-overly-spicy stuff; I follow a nutritionist-powered 2.2k a day deal, slightly over-indexed on proteins vs carbs. And tons of dem steamed veggies. I’m one proud member of the IBS club, so I need to keep an eye and what I swallow.

I’ve started with 125g of Huel once a day for lunch, upgraded to 2 a day (lunch + snack) and boy oh boy, as soon as I start drinking the 2nd, the symphony starts and it starts with my stomach, there is something that triggers unusual digestion patterns right away. Fibres (and sometimes legumes, but def not peas, I eat loads of them) have always been doing things to me - e.g. when I overindulge on fibre-heavy breakfast cereals or eat those black beans spaghetti - but never ever remotely close to what Huel does to me.

I’ve now reverted to one Huel a day, which I’m not happy about but hey, but my tummy simply refuses to adapt to it. I’ve read other threads, some people get used to it, some don’t. What I know is that I am not particularly keen to force my body to accept something that he doesn’t really want in the first place.

All this wall of text to contextualize my question: given a balanced, healthy diet includes tons of fibres anyway, are you ever going to introduce a low-fibre version of Huel for the people that have this issue - especially considering it seems there’s a fair amount of them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Hecarim

It’s not on our plan. We get asked for a number of different formulas to suit people with different requests. We do look at them, but we also want to keep Huel simple. I’d have concerns over a low fibre version as it wouldn’t be nutritionally complete.


I’d like a LGBTQIAP version of Huel. Handy for when I have a rubbish Scrabble hand.


Thanks James, appreciated. I’ve tried to hold on since when I’ve written my message, but to no avail. Alas I’ll have to bid Huel farewell :frowning:

@hunzas - if you look at the forum you’ll find it’s a common issue and even many people that drink Huel regularly have been / are affected by it. Some even accept to live with it, which I find perplexing. And many people, like me, will stop giving money to Huel because of this - but clearly we’re not enough to justify an alternate version, which is absolutely fair enough. But hey, thanks for taking the time to comment.

Don’t take my comments so seriously…most of them are daft (but sexy).

In a weeeird kinda way :laughing:

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Which reminds me. One of my dogs is just getting over a GI bug and is competing with my Huel farts BIG TIME :woozy_face::laughing: