Help with first time use

Hi all.
I was using a different brand before i switched to Huel after reading a lot of positive things. I normally take those shakes at breakfast and lunch and since it is the easy way in the morning, i also use it for weight loss. Those other shakes where mostly 40 gr scoop with 250/300 ml of water/milk.
When the package arrived i started first thing in the morning and had a shake with 100 gr and 500 ml milk (yes i know it is too much) just to test it. It filled up really nice. The one at lunch i took with 500 ml water. I was amazed that i did not have a hunger feeling until very late that afternoon around dinner time. So i was playing around with the mixture of water/milk and after 3 or 4 days my stomach felt really bloated and i had a lot of gas (and that smelled like hell).
Bloating feeling was gone in the morning but today i only did 50gr scoop with 100 ml milk and 150 water. All good so far but getting more hungry.
Maybe i drank it too much, body has to get used to it , i do not know so i am hoping someone can advise me on this.

Hey Pascal, great to have you here! Huel is certainly filling, I think it’s one of the most surprising things about Huel Powder!

Those are the correct ratios we recommend! 500ml milk is a lot of milk, you could go 50:50 (250ml milk, 250ml water), but 500ml liquid to 100g powder is the correct ratio!

Some things to help with the bloating. It’s quite normal when you shift your diet, normal diets are usually quite low in fibre and Huel is packed with it, along with lots of protein too which it seems can lead to gas. Try to drink your Huel slowly and I think reducing the Huel down from your 2 x 400kcal meals to 1 x 400kcal meal would be good. You’ll need to have some other foods otherwise you will get hungry (since you’re eating half the amount :laughing: ) but overtime this will pass!

I’m sure others who have had this will fire away with some good advise or links to other similar topics.