Abnormal acute Heartburn

I’m getting extremely intolerable heartburn after drinking huel. I’ve now read at least 15 different fourm posts, on and off this site, regarding the matter and it seems serious.

I have no eating deficiencies/disorders, I have drank huel on and off for like 2 to 3 years, but I’ve now noticed immediately after I finish a 2 scoop serving, with water, plenty of water, I get extremely bad heartburn for about 15-20 minutes.

I’m about to cut it out completely as there is no way this is safe to go on.

Is this something you can officially address, or officially look into? I am concerned there is something in your product causing this.

Hey Paul, I can totally understand your concerns.

It’s odd that you’ve had no issues with Huel and now you do.

You might find consuming Huel more slowly will help; also make sure you don’t consume Huel at the same time as hot beverages.

And also making it thinner in consistency. I used to suffer with the heartburn, but slowing down consumption with a thinner shake sorted it immediately.


I get that after a certain quantity of Huel White, but I have a delicate, GERDy stomach. I’ve just resigned myself that I’ll never go 100% Huel.
Switching to Black helps but I’ve also lowered quantity and, as you’ve done, used a lot of water, more than the recipe calls for. It may be the probiotics, the fiber (my diet outside of Huel is crap), I don’t know.
If you can get the old ingredient list, compare it to the new one. I have a very unusual allergy that I have to watch for, and you may have one you hadn’t encountered before.

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